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Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami - 2020


Florida has deep roots in auto racing. Daytona Beach is the birthplace of NASCAR and Homestead Miami Speedway has hosted and continues to be the home of major racing events. The state is dotted with short tracks with long histories of motor racing. It is why a Formula 1 race in Miami would be such an exciting addition to the region's sports calendar.

While plans for a 2019 Miami Grand Prix in the streets of Miami have been put on hold, there is optimism for a 2020 race outside of the downtown area, perhaps north near Hard Rock stadium. This would resolve a number of obstacles promoters and community leaders were facing when trying to host a worldwide racing event in the busy streets of downtown Miami. Moving the race out of downtown not only resolves many of these issues but would potentially provide unparalleled opportunities for hospitality and entertainment for the event on-site, while still offering the opportunity for downtown Miami to be a part of the festivities.

A 2020 Miami Grand Prix would bring worldwide attention to Miami along with thousands of visitors and millions of dollars in tourism. Compared with other sports, however, Formula 1 racing remains relatively unknown in the U.S. The more one understands about the circuit however, the more there is to get excited about.

A Brief History

Formula 1 traces its history to the end of World War II in 1946, even before the start of NASCAR. Originally called Formula A, its name refers to the “formula” cars that are expected to follow to compete on the circuit.

This year marked the 1,000th Formula 1 race ever held. Throughout its history, 746 total drivers have competed in Grand Prix races with 107 of them winning at least one. Michael Schumacher is the all-time Formula 1 wins leader with 91 victories in his career. Lewis Hamilton trails him with 74 all-time F1 wins. From 1950 until 1960 the Indianapolis 500 was part of the championship series.

What makes Formula 1 racing so unique and exciting is its worldwide appeal. Close to three dozen nations have hosted Grand Prix races including China. Viet Nam is scheduled to host a race in 2020.

How popular is a Grand Prix Race? In 2018 it was estimated nearly 195,000 people attend races during a Grand Prix race weekend. A Miami Gran Prix would add to the city's resume of hosting world-class events. It is why so many are so excited about a 2020 Miami Grand Prix race.

Impacts of a Grand Prix Race

A Grand Prix race fills restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotels in a host city. It not only brings visitors regionally and nationally, but It brings an international flair to a community. Many F1 racing fans are international travelers in upper-income levels and enjoy following their favorite drivers. Many are seeking luxury accommodations in host cities and LRMB is ready to help.

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