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Where to Workout in Miami


The best gyms and classes in Miami are a necessity, you always need to be beach or pool ready at any given time. Here are some must try gyms and classes, to help get you physically and mentally ready to get into shape.

From cycling and yoga to CrossFit and boot camps, the city is swarming with numerous places to break a sweat. From losing weight or getting your chakras in order, these are the best boutique fitness studios to try a class while your in the city. This is where you are going to want to sweat, train, recover, have fun, learn and enjoy all that the fitness community in Miami has to offer.



Barrys Bootcamp

1835 Purdy Ave , Miami Beach

This celebrity-endorsed boot camp was a natural fit for South Beach with its slew of sexy trainers (famous in their own right) and taut-and-trim clients whose good looks only rival their stamina in class. Workouts are broken up into sections—treadmill and weight training to target different muscle groups happens simultaneously—and are led by tough but encouraging instructors who remarkably keep tabs on both halves of the class without ever skipping a beat. If 30 minutes of running at top speeds wears you out, recharge at the juice bar before crawling back to your car. 


Soul Cycle 

360 San Lorenzo Ave , Coral Gables

2325 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 -

25 SW 9th St g102, Miami, FL 33131

SoulCycle is an addictive fitness empire that takes spinning to new levels, with wild, energetic instructors, calorie-torching choreography and playlists filled with songs you lose yourself in (many have compared a cycling session here with a visit to a therapist, that’s just how cathartic the whole experience feels). The waiting area is tight, and just before class you’ll find there’s a mad rush in the locker area to put your things away, which can get a little uncomfortable, but no one seems to mind. You can thank the surge of endorphins SoulCycle delivers with the unlikely hospitality. 


Jet Set Pilates 

401 NW 26th St , Miami 

JetSet is not your typical Pilates class. This particular muscle-lengthening exercise is performed on a megaformer machine, which is roughly twice the size of a conventional reformer, and combines cardio, strength training and Pilates for a core-crushing workout. Sessions are kept small and are generally attended by fit women whose lithe bodies seemingly glide on the carriage as they push, pull, lunge and squat in ways traditional Pilates does not allow. JetSet Miami also has studios in Coral Gables, North Miami, Miami Beach and Sunset Harbour. 


Element Aqua 

6200 NE 4th Ct , Miami 

The chic, modern gym specializes in "aqua cycling," which is exactly what it sounds like: an underwater spin class. Classes range from 45–55 minutes. Patrons are asked to bring a bathing suit and aquatic shoes, which are available to buy at Element's studio. Private showers are available for a post-workout rinse. Other classes include a strength and coordination circuit called "Aqua Power." There is a meditation class and a pre-natal class too. 


Fit Box Method 

1756 North Bayshore Dr , Miami 

Following a similar cardio-plus-strength-training model as Orange Theory and Barry’s Bootcamp, Fitbox Method aims to burn fat and build muscle during a fast-paced, 60-minute session. The reason you should try this one instead of the others is for the bonus stress relief—rather than sprinting to nowhere on the treadmill, cardio here consists of a 30-minute boxing session led by eager instructors who correct your form and keep you motivated. 


Sweat 440 

1916 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Always late to spin class? Sunset Harbour’s Sweat440 might be the workout for you. This 40-minute class—which combines weights, cardio and high-interval training—starts up every 10 minutes, so, technically, no one is ever tardy, just early for the next round. Students go through four stations where they complete three separate exercises. Each circuit stop is timed (a buzzer and a countdown clock tell you exactly when to move) and features a TV where exercises, like squats or something torturous involving a kettlebell, are demoed. If you still have no idea what you’re doing or where you should go next, trainers, like co-founders and Sweat400 fixtures Matt Miller and Cody Patrick, will come around to lead the way and correct your form.  


Legacy Fit 

77 NE 24th St , Miami 

#NoDaysOff is more than just a slogan, it’s a mantra for Legacy Fit owner Manning Summer and his team of trainers, who run this neighborhood boot camp gym. Workouts are tough—consisting of outdoor runs, weightlifting and circuit training—but think twice before you quit. If the camaraderie among fellow classmates doesn’t encourage you to keep going then the wrath from them might. For every straggler who fails to complete a workout, the entire class must run laps. Talk about motivation!