Miami Riverwalk: Take a Beautiful Walk by the Water

The Miami Riverwalk is a peaceful, shaded walkway along the northern bank of the Miami River that provides beautiful vistas. You'll find it stretching from Bayfront Park to the edge of the Second Avenue Bridge.

Indoor Activities in Miami: Your Guide to Indoor Entertainment

Whether you're trying to cool off or get out of a downpour, there are many entertaining indoor activities in Miami. You'll have fun getting out of the rain, snow, and cold for an afternoon of indoor adventure in Greater Miami & Miami Beach.

Experience Miami: Free Things to Do in Miami

Miami may not be the first city that springs to mind when looking for a free family fun day and an excellent location in Florida. Although it is widely known that the bar scene on Ocean Drive in South Beach can be pretty rowdy, this city has a lot to offer families.

Clear Water Beaches in Florida: Beaches, Springs, and More!

The blue waters in the Keys are magnificent sites, but the beaches don't provide the same experience. Suppose you're looking to avoid sand between your toes and prefer dazzling turquoise water with a lively atmosphere around you. In that case, the Southern Florida keys are still an excellent destination for you.

Fun Things To Do In Miami: Top Activities & Places to Go!

You're here in Miami for some sun, sand, and surf, and you'll get all of it—with a side of next-level people-watching, of course. Miami is a city with activities for everyone. So whether you like spending your evenings on the beach, going out at night, or admiring art lovers, you'll find plenty of things to do in this exciting metropolis.

When Is the Best Time To Go to Miami? How To Choose the Perfect Season

Are you ready to begin planning your trip to Miami? Next, decide when to visit and which season is best. The year-round sunshine state and lovely beaches of Miami are enough to persuade most people to see the city. But its attractiveness becomes unassailable when you add the incredible events calendar, culinary scene, elegant buildings, world-class sports teams, and endless activities.