Best Places in Miami To Go Kayaking

Some people come to Miami to sit at the beach, while others come for the wild nightlife. But there’s also a large contingent of people who pass on all that and come to Miami to partake in water sports, among the most popular of which is kayaking. With all the waterways the Miami area has to offer, it’s easy to just slip your kayak in the water and paddle your way through spectacular scenery for hours on end.

Best Miami Hotel Pools

Whenever you go on vacation, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the right hotel to stay during your getaway. If your vacation destination of choice is Miami, one of the top factors to consider is the hotel pool; after all, lounging by the pool is bound to make up a significant chunk of your vacation in a warm weather city like Miami. To help you pick out a hotel that will appeal to you, here’s a look at some of the best hotel pools in Miami.

Miami’s Secret Beaches

Most people who visit Miami do so with the intentions of spending a lot of time at the beach, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is that most people won’t venture outside the beaches that are adjacent to their hotel, condo, or wherever it is they’re staying. This can be a huge mistake, as Miami has some wonderful beaches that few tourists ever get to experience or even know about.

Top Kid-Friendly Hotels in Miami

You don’t need me to tell you that Miami is a great place for a vacation getaway. However, the nightlife that Miami is known for doesn’t make it the most kid-friendly city. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your kids along with you on vacation in Miami, as the city has plenty to offer that kids will enjoy. The key is finding the right place to stay, so here are some of the most kid-friendly hotels in Miami.

Best Places to Visit at Miami’s Lincoln Road Mall

If you’re looking for a place in Miami where you can shop, eat, or just hang out for the day, look no further than Lincoln Road Mall. Located in the heart of South Beach, Lincoln Road Mall is an outdoor wall with blocks and blocks of shops, restaurants, bars, and other enjoyable ways to spend your time. You can walk up and down Lincoln Road all day and never run out of fun places to go, but here are places you must check out while at the Lincoln Road Mall.

Miami’s Most Scenic Views

With its ocean-adjacent location, pristine beaches, and intra-costal waterways, there’s no denying that Miami is a beautiful city with some unbelievable scenery. Of course, while your eyes may like what they see wherever you go in Miami, not all views are created equal; some are far more spectacular than others. If you really want to be blown away by the South Beach scenery, here are a few places to go for the best views in all of Miami.