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$100-$5000 per night
Make your property work for you by adding it to our premium portfolio.

Around the world, Miami Beach is a sought-after destination. Property owners are sitting on gold mines.

Is this your primary residence?

  • Collect and Disburse Funds

    Our accounting team will collect funds from our guests and disburse monthly to homeowner.

  • Handle Marketing and Advertising

    Our professional in-house marketing team implements marketing strategies to assure your property is obtaining maximum exposure to affluent vacationers

  • Impeccable Service

    Our Dedicated concierge team will provide tailored services to fulfill our guests desires.

  • Private Concierge

    Our Dedicated concierge team will provide tailored services to fulfill our guests desires.

  • Maximize Revenue

    Our revenue management department will monitor the market supply and demand and adjust rates accordingly.

  • Maintain Your Property

    Our property management team is available 24/7 to monitor wear and tear, provide housekeeping, conduct an inventory check between each arrival, and handle complaints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LRMB will collect a security deposit to cover any damage or misplaced items. We perform inspections before and after each check in.

Miami is a seasonal destination, and our occupancy rates mirror that. Winter occupancy is always higher than summer.
The annual occupancy percentage varies on the type of property.

LRMB imposes no blackout dates. Owners have full access to their property at any time as long as their unit does not have a pre-existing reservation.

In the event that an owner would like to exit the agreement, we ask that you give a 30-day notice and honor any pre-existing reservations.

The guest pays for housekeeping before arrival. For stays longer than 6 days, guests incur 1 more mandatory housekeeping per week.

Property owners are paid for the reservations that stayed in the previous month, once a month.

Yes, however, please note that a new owner will be responsible for inheriting all pre- existing reservations.