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south beach vacation rentals 

Miami is one of the most popular tourist spots because it caters to just about every lifestyle. The snowbirds love Miami because it is much warmer in the winter than the rest of the US. You can find the younger generation at the beaches and taking advantage of Miami’s hot nightlife. The rich and famous all have homes located in this beautiful city, so what is stopping you from getting a taste of the good life? There are ways to have a nice luxury vacation in Miami without breaking the bank. Instead of staying in a hotel, why not choose a short term apartment rental in Miami Beach instead? Whether you are looking to rent for a few days, a week or longer our fully furnished, luxurious short term rentals will meet or exceed your expectations. 

Your entire family or a group of friends can share the apartment and have more privacy and a lower price than staying in a hotel or motel. Of course, there are some perks that are lost such as maid and room service. You do have to make sure the apartment is clean and tidy when you leave. The upside is there are huge savings on food because you have the use of the apartment’s kitchen.

If you want something that is a bit more upscale, then perhaps a short-term luxury condo rental Miami Beach would be a better solution. There are many located on the beaches of Miami; most are within walking distance. All the same perks as the apartment are included, but the location is typically much better. Short term rentals Miami Beach are affordable, convenient and a great way to spend a vacation in Miami.

Those who have a larger family may want to skip the apartments and condos and chose a short term vacation home rental instead. This option allows for more room for the family, and the kids aren’t stuck sharing a bedroom. There is also the added benefit of a yard, and most homes have pools too. When it comes to short term vacation rentals in Miami Beach, the house is probably the most practical choice.

A blend of perfect Luxury and Style

Take up step up to even more luxury with a short term luxury villa rental Miami Beach. Villas are a throwback to another day and age. They are a higher end way of life so those who are looking for the B list star treatment; why not consider this form of short term vacation rentals Miami?

Finally, for those who are looking for the most decadent of vacations, there is always the short term mansion rental Miami Beach. This allows you to live the life of a superstar or oil tycoon for your vacation. Most mansion rentals come fully stocked with everything you need along with the household staff to cater to your every whim.

Whether you are on a budget or if the sky is the limit, short term luxury vacation rentals are the best way to go in Miami. Not only are there rentals in Miami Beach, but you can find short term rentals South Beach as well. Why stay at a typical hotel when there are so many options that are available at all price ranges?

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