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luxury things to do in miami

The Best Things to Do in Miami for the Luxury Traveler

Miami is the ultimate destination for luxury and leisure. In the Magic City, there is no shortage of activities for the traveler in search of luxury. 

eco-friendly travel to miami

How to Enjoy Eco-Friendly Travel to Miami

Reduce your carbon footprint while celebrating your best vacation yet in Magic City. Explore the great outdoors, indulge in local cuisine, and stay in Miami’s first eco-conscious, five-star hotel.

most instagrammable spots in miami

Show Off Your Best Smile at The Most Instagrammable Spots in Miami

Pictures or it didn’t happen! If you didn’t photograph the most Instagrammable spots in Miami, were you really there ? For insider tips on the best places to take pictures in Miami, follow this guide.

zan-WrueFKpTlQs-unsplash (1)

7 Must-Try Outdoor Dining Spots in Miami

Miami is one of the best places in the world for five-star cuisine paired with stunning views of the vast Atlantic. From decadent Italian to but...
curbside dining

7 of Our Favorite Curbside Pick Up and Delivery Restaurants in Miami

Compliment your Netflix and chill night with some of the most decadent dishes in town. Whether you’re craving a freshly wrapped sushi roll, tangy barbeque, or the best NYC pizza in the country, South Florida doesn’t disappoint.

yacht charters

Everything You Need to Know About Private Yacht Charters in Miami

Are you ready to sail the open sea? We have everything you need to know about private yacht charters in Miami. Whether you’re chartering a vessel all of your own or organizing a private boat or sunset tour, Miami by boat is one adventure you...

extended stay

Here Is Why You Need to Plan an Extended Stay in Miami

We get it. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of Miami, you won’t want to leave. Whether you’re planning a business trip, temporarily relocating, or just need a little more vacation time, we have just what you’re searchi...

The Essential Guide to a Miami Staycation

Explore Magic City like never before when you plan the ultimate Miami staycation. Drift away on South Beach or explore the dense Everglade Forest. Whatever your vacation goals look like, local Miamians don’t have to travel far to achieve the...