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  • About Us:
    Luxury Rentals in Miami Beach
    Luxury Rentals Miami Beach

    Step into the pinnacle of sophistication, style, and service at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach. Boasting the finest hotels in the most sought-after locations in Miami and breathtaking beachfront luxury residences, we’ve been providing our discerning guests and homeowners the most exceptional hospitality service for the past two decades. Bespoke and personalized to your needs, we take care of every single detail with our expert industry experience, unrivaled market knowledge and impeccable taste.



    Kristine Hall


    Kristine studied Business Management at UNC Wilmington in 1997.  While attending college, she moved into upper management at the age of 19. She led a team of 120 employees at the young age of 20 and was offered Regional Director of a major grocery store chain at the age of 21 overseeing 6 stores. Over the last 3 decades she has carried the role of Senior Management in every position. Needless to say, she has a knack for all things business.

    When she co-founded the company with Tony, she brought her extensive experience in business taking a simple idea to the company it is today. Kristine spends most of her time working on all avenues of Business Development while ensuring Operational Excellence. Kristine, alongside Tony, has grown the portfolio to a value of $350 million.

    Kristine is a registered Broker in the state of Florida.

    Tony Rajeh


    Tony earned a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management in 2001 from Institute Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, followed by a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from Florida International University. He started his career in the hospitality industry in Miami, where he spent his time serving guests and focusing on hotel operations in various roles.

    In 2007, Tony co-founded Luxury Rentals Miami Beach with Kristine as a high-end vacation rental company. He has helped grow the portfolio of luxury residences and made the company a dominant player in the vacation rental industry in Miami Beach. Tony spends most of his time over seeing Brand and Marketing activities as well as all things guest services. In 2014, the company expanded to Europe with our venture, Luxury Rentals Worldwide, partnering with property managers in Croatia, Greece, Spain, and France.

    Tony is recognized in the industry for his achievements and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities focusing on hospitality and vacation rental.



    Luxury Rental Miami Beach leads the Vacation Rental industry with genuine and personalized care for our owners and their homes while providing unmatched, personally tailored, luxury service and experiences

    We pledge to ensure that our brand remains at the forefront of today’s ever-changing luxury travel industry by continually setting the highest standards for service, quality, and innovation.

    Our commitment to delivering excellence in service is demonstrated in our employees who share the unifying principle of treating others with the same attention and care with which we wish to be treated.


    Welcome to The LR Group. ​

    We create unforgettable memories through the ultimate luxury experience. ​

    Our relationship-driven approach ensures unmatched financial returns for owners. While personalized care and exceptional service are at the heart of everything we do for our guests.​

    We are a team of passionate hospitality colleagues, striving for excellence, and pushing the frontiers of luxury vacation rentals.​


    We are dedicated to high standards, authentic transparent care, and a culture of service and excellence. We welcome guests to our collection of unique residences, offering the opportunity for a new story in a city that we intrinsically know. Our roots are in hospitality; we are luxury hoteliers serving luxury guests. Let us open the doors for you.​

    We take pride in being available 24/7 to ensure your stay exceeds expectations. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the city, we're here to provide you with round-the-clock support and assistance, making your stay truly exceptional.


    Luxury Rentals Miami Beach was founded by two partners; Kristine Hall and Tony Rajeh. After spending the earlier part of their careers traveling and crafting their talents in hospitality, they decided to take their passion and create a business that would bring people to the city they love.

    Now, with over two decades of hospitality experience, the company has established itself as a leader in the luxury vacation rental industry. Our collection comprises of 90+ high-end real estate properties in Miami's most prestigious privately-owned residences and we operate as a hotel brand, ensuring an unparalleled 5-star luxury experience.

    Our dedicated team embodies our core values: a passion for hospitality and a commitment to excellence in service. Our success is gauged by happy guests and lasting homeowner relationships. We're committed to ensuring your travel experience is unforgettable.

  • Through continuous improvement, we have elevated every aspect of our business, culminating in establishing the LR Hospitality Group, which is poised to revolutionize the luxury hospitality market. The LR Group holds our flagship Luxury Rentals Miami Beach, alongside:

    • LUX HANDYMAN – a highly skilled maintenance team, specialized in luxury properties, possesses multiple licenses, enabling them to handle any technical tasks your residence needs. We carefully match the right handyman for each task, ensuring high quality work and timely delivery.
    • CLEAN ADDRESS – our cleaning service with 5-star hotel standard. We deliver white glove standards based on an extensive 200-point inspection method. Our licensed, vetted, and insured professional housekeepers come with an average 15+ years of experience.
    • LEISURE RESIDENCES – our top-tier Miami Residences at hotels & condo buildings such as Roney Palace and Artecity.
    • LUXURY RENTAL WORLDWIDE – a worldwide portfolio of private residences, luxury chalets, and villas, located in the most exclusive neighborhoods around the globe. 




    At LRMB, we pride ourselves on knowing our guests’ unique travel needs. We go above and beyond to tailor and activate special, individualized experiences that make your stay unforgettable.

  • Luxury Hotelier Service

    Our roots in luxury hospitality are reflected in the exceptional service we provide. With our 24/7 concierge and bespoke guest services, we ensure every guest need is met, and every expectation is exceeded.

  • MODERN elegant DESIGN

    Our modern luxury residences adhere to the highest design caliber, satisfying both business and leisure needs. Each property is equipped with luxury amenities, ensuring an extraordinary stay for every guest.

  • VIP Local Insider Experiences

    Booking with LRMB means getting access to the exclusive people, places, and events that make Miami Beach unique. Our intrinsic local know-how allows us to offer unrivaled VIP experiences.