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  • 5 Awesome Water Activities in South Beach Miami

    Miami’s DNA is made up of water. It’s the gleaming background to our city skyline, and it’s home to a diverse range of marine life, from vividly colorful fish to manatees, dolphins, and seahorses. Our oceans are our playground, with colors ranging from delicate turquoise to blue cobalt depending on depth.

    They’re where we rest, refresh, and retreat while sailing, paddleboarding, and swimming. It’s difficult to feel anything except joy with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you skim the water’s surface in a kayak, canoe, or boat.

    A half-day cruise from Downtown Miami’s Bayside Marketplace or the Miami Beach Marina is perhaps the most convenient way to go out on the ocean. Visitors may either take a sightseeing cruise or a high-speed jet boat trip to visit the famous residences on Star Island.


    Because there are so many canals and groves scattered across the intercostal waterways in the Miami area, this is an ideal region for paddling about in a kayak and discovering new places. It does not need a great deal of experience to paddle a kayak. There are many locations in Miami where inexperienced paddlers may hire a kayak and get fundamental guidance on how to navigate the area.

    The most significant thing is that there are several great places for kayakers to explore the lush green countryside or get an up-close view of the beautiful Miami skyline.

    Paddle Boarding

    Suppose you don’t feel like paddling about in a kayak. In that case, you may also explore the seas surrounding Miami Beach on a paddleboard as an alternate choice. Likewise, suppose you want to avoid navigating through rivers and canals to get to the ocean’s open water. In that case, paddle boarding is a better option than kayaking.

    The possibilities for paddle boarding in the Miami area are practically limitless because there is a wide variety of choices regarding the kinds of paddleboards you want to buy or rent and the way you want to use them. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have a great time paddle boarding because the activity is so enjoyable.

    Try stand-up paddle boarding for an activity that will take you deep into the heart of the Everglades. Of course, it takes some work to get your balance right. Still, once you do, it offers a calm environment to explore in peace when you go stand-up paddleboarding, you, the board, the paddle, and the unspoiled beauty of the natural environment surrounding you.

    The shallow waters of the Everglades are easy to navigate on a paddleboard, making it the perfect mode of transportation for exploring the subtropical wetland’s fauna and flora.

    Fly Boarding

    Flyboarding is a sport that has only been around for a short while, but it has quickly become popular in South Florida. Flyboarding is similar to wearing a jetpack since it allows you to be propelled into the air and do a variety of impressive feats and dance movements.

    Additionally, the pack gives you the ability to propel yourself through the water at a rapid pace so that you may break the surface and launch yourself into the air. In a nutshell, it’s the kind of activity that would go well with the sands of Miami Beach.


    You don’t have to put effort into every water activity; sometimes, you want to kick back and fish. There are plenty of possibilities in Miami. In addition to having plenty of beaches and piers, you can spend the day relaxing and waiting for the fish to bite.

    The Miami area also has many fishing charters that can take you to places where you can go fishing for large and exotic fish that are only found off the coast of South Florida. These fish can only be found in those waters. So no matter what kind of fishing you like doing, you may find an activity in Miami that caters to your preferences.

    Other Water Activities in South Beach Miami


    When you visit Miami, you cannot skip out on the opportunity to go snorkeling. There is an abundance of locations where you can rent equipment and locate professionals eager to accompany you on a voyage to the ocean below; thus, there is no justification for passing this excellent chance.

    In the seas around Miami, you’ll discover the world’s third-largest barrier reef and a world of vividly colored tropical fish that are very stunning when seen up close. However, your day will be made if you are fortunate enough to witness more giant marine mammals such as manatees, dolphins, or other species that call the ocean their home.

    Snorkeling is a fun and risk-free sport highly recommended for anyone visiting Miami.

    Airboat Tours

    Airboats, boats with flat bottoms and propulsion provided by an aircraft-style propeller positioned on the stern, have become synonymous with the Everglades region of Florida. They are the ideal vehicle for navigating across areas of marshland that are both shallow and thick.

    On an airboat, you may get up close and personal with wildlife such as alligators, manatees, birds, and more as you speed through the thick of mangrove forests, up little creeks, and over vast bays.

    Boat Tours in the Everglades

    Several tour companies operate in the Everglades, providing unique boating and sailing adventures. For example, the Ten Thousand Islands Cruise brings passengers into the Everglades’ saltwater section. They may expect to encounter manatees, bald eagles, ospreys, roseate spoonbills, and dolphins, which love to leap and play in the boat’s wake.

    The Mangrove Wilderness Tour takes you into the Everglades’ shallow, brackish area. Alligators, raccoons, bobcats, mangrove fox squirrels, and various birds, including mangrove cuckoos, are also common sightings.

    When you come to Miami, you’ll find that many activities revolve around the water. This is because the area is home to many waterways, beaches, and other locations where people can enjoy the water.

    Whether you want to paddle a kayak through the intercostal waterways, go fishing off the coast, or explore the underwater world through snorkeling, you’ll find plenty of options. So while staying in one of our Miami Beach vacation rentalsvillas for rent in Miamipenthouse for rent Miami, or short-term rentals Miami, get out there and enjoy all that Miami has to offer!