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  • Where to Dine: Best North Miami Beach Restaurants

    Miami’s North Beach is the perfect place to enjoy some tranquility while still surrounded by the city’s vibrant energy. This neighborhood is excellent for outdoor patio activities and spending time with family, followed by a relaxing meal at one of the area’s many beautiful restaurants. Surfside is a little town next door with eclectic food and drinks. The charming Bay Harbor Islands dining scene and the ritzy Bal Harbour shops enclave follow it.

    When planning a perfect beach getaway, there is no better place to stay than Luxury Rentals Miami Beach. Whether you book a penthouse for rent Miami or marquee villas for rent in Miami, you are guaranteed the luxurious comfort and aesthetic appeal that only high-end rentals can provide! And while in Miami Beach, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic restaurants in North Miami just minutes away. From seafood shacks to much-loved local haunts, Best North Miami Beach Restaurants is sure to sate every diner’s desires.

    North Miami Beach Restaurants: Vegan Friendly

    Holi Vegan Kitchen

    Vegan restaurant with a focus on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. AM eaters can chow down on pizzettas and savory bowls while those stopping by later enjoy quesadillas, burgers, tacos, or sandwiches. In addition, you can enjoy sweet desserts like ice cream and brownies or pancakes with fresh fruit at this establishment of a champagne bar. They also serve smoothies, juices, and wine. This particular location was established in 2016 across from Oleta Park.

    Address: 3099 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, Florida


    This shop has a sorbet for vegans and a vegan gelato flavor. Ask the staff about it.

    3067 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, Florida

    Juice & Java

    This restaurant offers both vegan and meat-based raw bar options. The vegan menu includes coffee with plant-based milk, wraps, pizzas with VioLife cheese, tofu scrambles, veggie sandwiches, Impossible burgers, and more. This location is one of a few branches.

    Address: 15180 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, Florida

    Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

    This black-owned, vegan restaurant is small and casual, focusing on healthy plant-based meals. So come for the pancakes and stay for the pizza – there’s something here for everyone! And when you’re done eating, take home some groceries to recreate your favorites.

     73 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, Florida

    1000 Degrees

    This restaurant is quick and easy, serving Neapolitan pizzas. They have several locations across multiple states. Although they do meat options, there are vegan choices as well. The concept is a build-your-own pizza place where you can create your pie with as many toppings as you want. The crust and sauces are vegans, as well as the cheese option.

     14821 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, Florida

    .kuten Inclusive Kitchen

    This restaurant serves vegan and meat options, so everyone can find something they like. They’re incredibly welcoming to those with dietary restrictions, such as vegans. This restaurant mainly uses vegetables that are locally sourced and organic. Some breakfast and lunch items on the menu include toast with avocado, beet, n quinoa salad and vegan french toast.

    Address: 3507 NE 163rd St (at Intercostal Mall), North Miami Beach, Florida

    Pepitos Burgers and Shakes

    Offers vegan and meat options. The food truck provides classic street fare but with a twist – all items are vegan!

     2590 NE 186th st (at Shell gas station), North Miami Beach, Florida

    First Watch

    This restaurant is not vegan, but it offers some vegan options. It’s a breakfast and lunch place that also has healthy food choices. The menu indicates vegetarian items; ask the staff about what can be made vegan, and they’ll help you. For example, the ‘AM superfoods bowl’ with coconut milk and chia seeds is already vegan. You can also get fresh juices here.

    Address: 1692 B NE Miami Gardens Dr, North Miami Beach, Florida

    Miami Squeeze

    This restaurant offers a wide array of international cuisine, including vegan options. Enjoy one of our delicious smoothies or juices, or try a wrap or sandwich. A selection of platters is sure to tantalize your taste buds. If you’re looking for something hearty, check out our separate vegan menu with soup, tacos, avocado toast, tofu wraps, falafel, and other vegan Mediterranean sides. In addition to salads, bowls, and burgers (like the Impossible burger), this restaurant also has various sauces, some of which use vegan mayo. Seating is primarily outdoors, but parking can be challenging during peak hours.

    Address: 18315 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, Florida

    Best North Miami Beach Restaurants to Try

    Little Saigon

    Tired of Miami’s typical Asian food scene? This Vietnamese restaurant is small and straightforward but serves some great dishes. The Cha Gio is excellent, particularly the blue crabs in a tart-sweet tamarind sauce. Just be aware that Little Saigon only accepts cash as payment.

    16752 N Miami Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33169

    Jennifer’s Cafeteria

    Nothing says comfort food like a big plate of Jennifer’s polo Frito ceibeño. This dish features a fried chicken leg quarter smothered in a mild tomato sauce and showered with shreds of sharp cheese that will remind you of cotija. So next time you’re in the mood for something hearty and satisfying, head to Jennifer’s Cafeteria off 163rd street in North Miami Beach. The dish is served with freshly fried green banana chips and cabbage salad with tomatoes, cilantro, and delicious chicken parmesan. It tastes like the Miami take on classic chicken parmesan.

    Address: 16462 NE 16th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

    Jerusalem Market & Deli

    The “deli” in Jerusalem comprises six tables with four seats around each and a counter where Middle Eastern dishes are prepared. The market area provides the restaurant’s décor, featuring shelves lined with groceries imported from the Middle East. Glass refrigerator doors along the back wall open to other kitchen staples, like bourekas. These pastry pockets can be filled with spinach, cheese, meat, or other ingredients. Unfortunately, some fried foods, like Kibel and falafel, taste worse when reheated in a microwave oven. Still, different versions of popular Middle Eastern dishes are excellent, such as hummus with a velvety texture and baba ghannouj with flavors reminiscent of eggplant.

    16275 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33160

    Albie’s Sub

    Albie, better known as Alberto Ruiz to his family, knows much about subs. He worked at Subs on the Run, his family’s business, for over ten years. Recently, however, Albie decided to break free and open up a sub shop.

    On a visit to Albie’s Sub Factory, we wrapped our hands around the soft roll of a superior sub. The deli is six weeks old and right where you see a sign welcoming you to the Ulta neighborhood in North Miami Beach.

    Address: 16775 N Miami AveNorth Miami BeachFL33169

    Laurenzo’s Italian Market

    Laurenzo’s Farmers Market plans to stay in business by selling some of the original market’s items.

    Good news: you still have a few weeks to explore the same isles that Sophia Loren did. Indulge in pasta, quality olive oil, and wine from the shop’s 1,500+ bottles. Then, go home and relax to Sinatra while celebrating Ben Laurenzo, one of Miami’s last remaining institutions with raw bar options.

    Address: 16385 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach

    King Palace Chinese BBQ

    The only thing distinguishing this restaurant from the others near it is a hand-painted sign that reads “Chinese B-B-Q.” Sure enough, inside, there are whole roast ducks (beaks and all) dyed bright red and rotisserie items one would find in any U.S. city’s Chinatown. The real news is that there are four live tanks, making this joint possibly Miami-Dade County’s only Chinese restaurant where fish, lobster ravioli, and shellfish are alive until seconds before they’re cooked. The clientele is primarily Asian, and the food is authentic. Order the fresh clams with black bean sauce, salt-and-pepper softshell crab, smoked salmon, or live lobster with ginger and green onion tonight.

    330 NE 167th St, Miami, FL 33162

    Panya Thai

    If you’re looking for some delicious Thai food in South Florida, this North Miami restaurant is the place to be. They offer various regional specialties, including noodles, curries, and satays. Panya has all your classic favorites and more unique and exciting dishes like soups containing organs, such as liver, kidneys, and blood. You can also order boat noodle soup with pork or beef meatballs. But be warned: if you can’t handle spice very well, call the mild version of any dish — even the medium is quite hot.

    520 NE 167th St, Miami, FL 33162

    Chauhan Oasis

    Situated in the heart of Florida’s Riviera – Sunny Isles Beach, this is the first Uzbek restaurant in South Florida. Chauhan Oasis isn’t your average lido restaurant- they invite their diners to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere that draws inspiration from the exotic Silk Route. You can enjoy your meal with cozy touches, large portions, and excellent service!

    Address: 250 Sunny Isles Blvd, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160


    Kabobji, a Lebanese restaurant in North Miami Beach, is the perfect place to enjoy authentic shawarma or kabab. Its fresh pita bread pairs perfectly with creamy hummus or baba ghanoush. In addition to great food, Kabobji also offers a relaxed space for diners to enjoy their meal. At Kabobji, we take great pride in our chicken and beef shawarma. Each slice is marinated and served with delicious homemade garlic or tahini sauce.

    Try our famous platters with your choice of fries, rice or bulgur wheat, tangy fattoush, or green salad. Come to Kabobji for a delicious moussaka platter with plenty of eggplant parmesan, chickpeas, and mixed veggies. The shrimp kebabs are always cooked perfectly here. Be sure to try the baklava as well–it’s a sweet pastry that comes with either walnuts or pistachios and is delightful. An excellent breakfast menu consists of fava beans smothered in hummus and eggs accompanied by spicy sujuk sausage.

    Address: 3055 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160


    Yakko-San is a classic Japanese restaurant in North Miami Beach that boasts an extensive menu. However, since the change in ownership, food quality has suffered dramatically, and it is no longer worth going to.

    Address: 3881 NE 163rd St, North Miami, FL 33160

    Final Thoughts

    You can find Jewish delis, Italian restaurants, and every Latin American food in North Beach. North Beach is home to many Latin American best restaurants, making it easy to find cuisine from all over the continent. Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Peru, and Mexico are only some countries represented in North Beach’s diverse food scene. Italian restaurants, Jewish delis, and Asian restaurants are all prevalent in the area, and none of the food will cost you an arm and a leg. You can find anything you’re looking for here.

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