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  • Best Restaurants in Wynwood You Must Try

    Miami is the perfect location to open a restaurant if you have millions of dollars saved up, that is. This energetic city has everything you need to start your business. Street after street is lined with stylish hipsters and curious tourists eager to spend money on dinner tonight.

    The only problem is that the Wynwood neighborhood we’re talking about has been beaten up around the edges and is constantly changing. So your new omakase-pizza ramen counter had better be pretty amazing if you want to compete with the best Wynwood restaurants already staked their claim here.

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    Best Restaurants in Wynwood


    Though Doya is quite glamorous, don’t let that fool you–the food here is incredible. This restaurant boasts magnificent cuisine made only with the freshest ingredients. Dishes at this restaurant are of top-notch quality because of Chef Erhan Kostepen, who used to be the executive chef of the well-known Mandolin Aegean.


    347 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127


    This airy, upscale restaurant has a central bar serving contemporary Greek cuisine and craft cocktails.


    Opening in 2016, KYU has swiftly become one of the most celebrated restaurants in Miami. The dishes on the menu since we first opened are there for a reason – they’re mouth-wateringly good! Our roasted cauliflower, duck breast burnt ends, and mile-high coconut cake will keep you coming back for more. Even though some big chunks of the menu have stayed the same, a few things have changed–and for the better. After all, the chefs that left only took some of their tricks.


    251 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127


    A modern restaurant with a funky Asian food market flare, we have everything from grilled meats to sashimi, plus a full bar.

    Uchi Miami

    You might hate it because you dislike chains or Texas, but this Austin export serves some of the best sushi in town. With a modern vibe and creative dishes from chef de cuisine Dina Butterfield, it’s easy to spend hours here. But remember to take advantage of their happy hour with unbeatable prices.


    252 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127


    Japanese cuisine and extensive drinks

    Beaker and Gray

    Beaker & Gray is perfect for date night, catching up with friends over drinks, grabbing dinner later than usual, or simply as a trendy place to get some amazing cocktails with food that won’t disappoint. Among many restaurants that either lack in the atmosphere or go too far with their design, Beaker & Gray offers a balanced approach that makes its guests feel welcome. The lunch menu has a great variety of shareable plates that are both tasty and practical. Recommend the cheeseburger croquettes paired with one of the lower alcohol-content drinks from the cocktail menu.


    2637 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Inventive cocktails served in former factory space. The full menu contains international cuisine to give you a unique fine dining experience.


    This Japanese restaurant is traditional and edgy, with upscale but not stuffy decor and oak-washed interiors. If you’re overwhelmed by our sushi menu, allow us to recommend the $175 omakase experience—you won’t be disappointed. In addition to sushi, we serve tempura, grilled meats, and other delicious dishes.


    2700 N Miami Ave #5, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    A Japanese restaurant with a mix of traditional and contemporary influences.

    Buya Izakaya + Yakitori

    Are you planning a trip to Japan? You can go as far as Wynwood’s Buya restaurant. This spot offers small plates and grilled skewers that will make you feel like you’re right in the heart of Tokyo. Highly recommend the yellowtail snapper! It’s perfect if you want to drink and eat or have a full meal. The food is reliable, and the tempura beech mushroom is a favorite dish. The giant crispy mushrooms are coated with an excellent “Tokyo ranch” sauce.


    250 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Japanese restaurant


    This restaurant, located in Wynwood, is the perfect combination of a trendy taco stand and an upscale Mexico City eatery. The tortillas are made with organic blue corn in-house, and there’s an impressive selection of 200 different mezcals. With endless potential pairings, we’re all for it!


    2801 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Traditional Mexican tacos and tostadas are available alongside mezcals and margaritas.


    Located on the edge of Wynwood, O.G. Kush does delicious burgers and a well-curated beer selection in a funky space – perfect for your next Instagram post! At this small restaurant, every burger will make your mouth water. And if you have to wait for a table (which is likely because it’s such a popular spot), don’t worry! If you’re looking for an exciting place to wait, look no further than the botanical-inspired spacious dining room a few doors down. They’ve got great fresh beer!


    2003 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Serving delicious cocktails and tasty food


    At this Asian food market, many vendors serve tasty dishes such as ramen, dim sum, matcha ice cream, sushi, and beyond. So no matter your friend’s preferences, budget, or group size—they will all find something to enjoy at this spot, even if they’re the one who wants to drink and forego dinner altogether. The center of the Nikkei stand is run by the Chang family, who are also responsible for Itamae. So some of the best food can be found there.


    143 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Asian-inspired eateries in an industrial setting.

    Le Chick

    This charming restaurant is known for its succulent rotisserie chicken and good cocktails–all served in a bright and welcoming atmosphere. You can order fried chicken or skip chicken at our restaurant and go for tasty ribs or a juicy burger. The rotisserie chicken is quite delicious, but we also highly recommend the Royale with Cheese, a double cheeseburger that will never disappoint.


    310 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    Offers delicious fried chicken, pub grub, and cocktails in a modern setting with great music.


    If you compare the Freehold to a hotel, it would be sans guestrooms. The ground-floor restaurant and bar take up the space where an uber-hip lobby and pool deck would typically be, though there isn’t an actual pool. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink, go on a first date, or spend a night dancing to music from the DJ booth. Counter Culture is your place if you’re craving coffee and pastries. Or if you’re looking for a quick drink, a perfectly balanced wine, or a slice of fresh mozzarella pizza, the “front desk” and Pizza Shop have covered you. The latter was even created with help from Anthony Falco, one of the most famed pizzaiolos in New York!


    219 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States


    This expansive and trendy space offers a pizza parlor, cafe, three bars, and a large courtyard.

    Cervecería La Tropical

    Tampa Bay’s newest brewery is also its oldest, having moved from Cuba to Miami. The 10,000 square foot space functions both as a taproom and garden. You need more than Cindy Hutson as the head chef to get you in the door so that the lovely outdoor seating areas may be. There’s nowhere else in the city quite like it!


    42 NE 25th St, Miami, FL 33137, United States


    A brewery of Latin-inspired dishes and botanical gardens specializing in tropical plants.

    Final Thoughts

    Although it’s known for being a little bit edgy, the vibrant neighborhood of the district is home to some of the great restaurants in the city. For example, you’ll often see a big, weekend-long party at a Tulum-Esque. Likewise, Wynwood features an establishment decorated lavishly and headlined by a celebrity chef—regardless of the season.

    In Wynwood, you’ll find some fantastic old-school places to eat that will give you an authentic experience. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a new favorite food stop in Wynwood.

    Wynwood is an up-and-coming culinary area in Miami, mixing beloved stores with modern art galleries and chic eateries. This is the perfect place to start if you want to explore your town for a day or two. The best way to stay in Miami Beach is by reserving one of Luxury Rentals Miami Beach’s vacation rentals. If you’re searching for a place to stay for just short-term rentals Miami or want something more long-term, we have the ideal rental for you. Additionally, with vacation rentals, Miami Beach is situated near all the best Wynwood eateries, so you won’t have to go far to find good food. So stop waiting and book your stay today!