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  • Best Skateboarding Parks in Miami

    Skateboarding has been around for over 50 years and is still one of the most popular sports in Miami, Florida. The skateboarding community was once considered only a fill-in sport for surfers, but it has now evolved into a massive industry. The popularity of skateboarding has increased rapidly in recent years, and Miami is one city that reflects this change. With more skaters and skateparks appearing all over the city, it’s clear that skating has become mainstream.

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    Can you skateboard in Miami?

    Miami Beach is the perfect destination for skateboarders of all levels, whether you’re looking to exercise on a pump track, take lessons, or freewheel on bank ramps and rails. The recently opened Lot 11 skate park in Miami is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and skating year-round. Lot 11 is a 45,000-square-foot skatepark located underneath I-95. This project is undoubtedly a heralding call to skateboarders that their sport is welcome here and celebrated.

    Best Skateboarding Parks in Miami to Enjoy

    With world-renowned skateparks boasting street and vert features, Miami is a mecca for inline skates of all levels. So, put your skates on, and let’s go!

    North Beach Public Skate Park

    If you’re looking for a breathtaking location to skate, look no further than North Beach Public Skate Park. Just opened in 2018, this park is next to the beach so that you can slide to your heart’s content. This dream spot is the perfect place to spend a day skating, with quality ramps and plenty of concrete. It’s located just between the city and the suburbs, so it’s easily accessible for skaters from all over. Keep in mind there is a lack of trees for shade, and the park only has several water fountains, so bring your sunscreen and water.

    Address: 200 82nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33141

    Ramp 48 Skate Park

    If you’re skating at Ramp 48, be prepared for the potential of encountering church outreach workers. Although this is an excellent asset to the area, it’s worth noting that Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale sees this location as a critical mission point. In other words, Ramp 48 is a great place to skate, with plenty of ramps both inside and outside.

    6290 NW 27th Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    Skate Park and Pump Track at Haulover Beach

    Haulover Beach, home to a newly-opened skate park, is another reason to love Miami’s booming skate scene. The park, located in the northeast corner of Miami Dade County, provides space to practice grinds, ollies, nollies, kickflips, heelflips, and a pump track. The five communities involved in this project came together for a common cause: to raise money for a new skate park. This labor of love resulted in a 7,500-square-foot skate park that many will enjoy for years. The Skate Park and Pump Track at Haulover Beach are perfect for skateboarders and bicyclists.

    10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

    Westwind Lakes Park

    At an impressive 10,000 square feet, Westwind Lakes Skate Park is a must-see for any skateboarding fan. The first stop on Tony Hawk’s 2011 tour, Westwind, includes quarter pipes and launch ramps. For only $2, you can spend hours at Westwind Lakes Skate Park. All types of boards are allowed, and helmets are required for safety.

    6805 SW 152nd Ave, Miami, FL 33193

    Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park

    Indian Hammocks Park is home to one of Miami’s most beloved skate parks. Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park is a skateboarder, biker, inline skater, and scooter paradise based on two of America’s most popular skate parks. Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park, one of the first 14,000 square feet skate parks to open in Miami years ago, continues to set a precedent for other parks. At Kendall Indians, there is plenty to do with disc golf, BBQ pits, walking paths, and 116 acres of nature.

    11395 SW 79th St, Miami, FL 33173

    South Dade Skating Park

    Come on down to South Dade Skating Park any day of the year! This park is perfect for the beginner or intermediate-level skaters. Admission is always free, but be aware that helmets and knee pads are not required, so riders skate at their own risk. The fun at South Dade doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down because it has lights! Unfortunately, rentals are only available on weekends, so all-access skating is limited to weekdays. However, this is still one of the best skateboarding parks in Miami!

    Address: 28151 SW 164th Ave, Miami, FL

    Country Village Park

    With 9,000 square feet of outdoor space to skateboard, BMX, and scooter, the Country Village Skate Park is a great place to explore. This newly added park is perfect for bikers of all levels, from beginner to expert. And the best part? It’s free! So head on over for an afternoon of fun. Country Village Park is a great skating rink in the Northwest part of the city. It’s open Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm, and on weekends it opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

    6550 N.W. 188 Terrace Miami, FL 33015

    Lot 11 Skate Park

    Skateboarders in Miami have a new place to go, and it’s called Lot 11. This skate park is set up under I-95 and has something for skaters of all abilities. Skate Free, a Miami-based skateboarding organization, created Lot 11 to help bring new energy into the skate community of Miami. Skate Free drew inspiration from skateboard Central, Los Angeles, to create a park using an often-overlooked space. Now, skaters of all ages are coming to the one-of-a-kind park in Miami.

    NW 1st St &, NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33128

    North Trail Park

    The North Beach Public Skate Park is a new addition to Miami that opened in 2018. It’s set in a beautiful location next to the beach so you can skate to your heart’s content. This skating spot, located between the city and suburbs, is perfect for a day out. With its quality ramps and concrete playing surface, skaters of all skill levels can enjoy themselves here. Keep in mind there is not a lot of shade in the park, and there are only a few drinking fountains, so bring water and sunscreen.

    200 82nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33141

    Haulover Skate Park

    Haulover Beach, a new skate park in Miami, is another reason to love the city’s growing skating culture. The Haulover park, located in northeast Miami-Dade County, has features for practicing grinds, ollies, and other tricks, and a pump track. Five local communities came together to raise money for this skate park, which is 7,500 square feet. Skateboarders and bicyclists of all levels are encouraged to come to play at Skate Park and Pump Track, Haulover Beach.

    Address: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

    Bamford Sports Complex Skateboard Park

    Bamford Sports Complex isn’t only a skate park and home to an aquatic center, baseball diamond, and indoor gymnasium. There’s also a picnic area for visitors to enjoy. Bamford Sports Complex offers a variety of things to do, so branch out and enjoy all the location has to offer. Skating is the highlight here, with various jumps and ramps available at no cost. Skaters in the unsupervised park do so at their own risk. For those looking to skate in Bamford Sports Complex, please note that it is not located in Miami proper but in Davie to the north, approximately a 30-minute drive from downtown Miami.

    3801 S Pine Island Rd, Davie, FL 33328

    Final Thoughts

    The Miami skateboard supercross academy scene is booming, with new parks constantly popping up. It’s a fantastic time to be a skater in South Florida! Whether you’re looking for classic or new skate spots, this list covers you.

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