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  • Spice up Your Vacation With the Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

    In fact, it’s one of the reasons so many people travel to Miami! But you have to know where to look to find authentic flavors. Luckily, we’re able to point you in the right direction to discover the

    Don’t Miss the 6 Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

    Havana Harry’s

    When it comes to local get-togethers, everyone heads to Havana Harry’s. The sophisticated atmosphere and generous serving sizes are guaranteed to make any event a success, from birthday parties to get-togethers with the family.

    In addition, the restaurant has several secluded areas in which you may rent big tables for a more personal and exclusive dining experience for your party. At this eatery, traditional Cuban dishes are reimagined with an American flavor profile.

    The Havana Restaurant is one of the few Cuban restaurants in Miami that still requests that customers dress in an elegant manner. The ambiance at Harry is sophisticated yet rustic at the same time. There are numerous wooden features and cozy places that are excellent for celebrations, and you’ll witness a lot of those kinds of gatherings on the weekends.

    There is a solid explanation why Harry’s is usually popular: they give extremely massive portions of great Cuban cuisine at cheap prices. This is one of the reasons why Harry’s is constantly crowded. That is the simplest way to put it.

    Estefan Kitchen

    The elegant Estefan Kitchen can be found in the middle of the chic Miami Design District neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for its swank and elegance. Every time you dine at Estefan, you’ll get a taste of the vibrant culture and exciting atmosphere of Havana thanks to the regular live music performed by the wait staff.

    There is never a shortage of fun to be had here! Put your feet up, kick back, and indulge in some delectable Cuban cuisine while taking in some live entertainment. Cuban food is served in a colorful and exciting ambiance at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s restaurant and club, which is also owned by the Estefans.

    It is located in the center of the Palm Court in the Miami Design District, and it includes spectacular décor, art-covered walls, and servers who will play live music on a whim for the fortunate patrons dining there. However, you shouldn’t be startled if you find Emilio playing the bongos or Gloria savoring a genuine Cuban dinner with her family and friends at an upscale restaurant.

    Latin Café 2000

    According to the famous neon sign that adorns the establishment, Latin Café 2000 provides customers with a “Taste of Cuba” on a consistent basis. This establishment is one of the most photogenic happy hour restaurants in Miami as a result of its vivacious and Latin-inspired decor.

    You’ll enjoy a huge buffet and frequent live entertainment. A piece of sound advice handed down from the locals is that the Vaca Frita is difficult to screw up.

    Café La Trova

    Café La Trova, one of the restaurants in Miami that offers one of the livelier Cuban dining experiences is located in the bustling neighborhood of Little Havana. This restaurant is known for its excellent drinks, high-quality food, and live music.

    Michelle Bernstein, a brilliant chef, and Julio Cabrera, an equally brilliant mixologist, collaborated on this project to create something amazing. These two have created exactly the kind of idea that Calle Ocho should have, in addition to a croqueta variety that is second to none.

    There are hardly many places in Cuba that provide a “trifecta” of such high-quality amenities that are attractive to visitors from outside of Cuba as well as Cubans.

    Islas Canarias

    It is probable that the ham croquetas served at Islas Canarias are the dish that is most well-known in all of Miami; they are a dessert that is really enticing. They are likely to be a success with the guests at whichever table they are served upon.

    It would be improper to dine at this establishment and not order the croquetas, despite the fact that the other items on the menu are excellent in their own right. This restaurant, which is owned and operated by a family, is always quite crowded, regardless of whether it is a holiday or the middle of the workday.

    There are a number of reasons, but some of the most significant ones are that the prices are affordable, the cuisine is Cuban comfort food, the eating space is nice, and the service is courteous and kind.

    Finka Table & Tap

    Literally speaking, Finka Table & Tap is the child of millennial parents Islas Canarias. The kid of the proprietors found her passion for Cuban food and converted it into a restaurant of its own, which features a more contemporary take on the traditional fare.

    The menu was designed with genuine Cuban tastes in mind and with a younger demographic in mind so that it would appeal to them. A true hidden treasure in West Kendall, Finka Table, and Tap is the millennial child of Islas Canarias—but on steroids.

    This is due to the fact that the restaurant’s head chef, Eileen Andrade, is the genuine child of the people who run Islas Canarias, and the innovative twists that she puts on Cuban classic dishes elevate them to a whole new level.

    At Finka, you may order the renowned croquetas from the Canary Islands, but you should also go out of your comfort zone and sample the vaca-frita-filled tostones, the arroz con pollo fritters, and the croqueta pizza, along with one of the numerous handmade cocktails available at the bar.

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