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  • Fishing in Miami: Best Fishing Spots in Miami

    Miami is considered one of the most enjoyable and renowned destinations in the United States, making it a top choice for many people. Miami South Beach has perfect temperatures even in the middle of winter, fabulous nightlife, and white-sand beaches as far as the eye can see. Additionally, deep sea fishing in Miami is legendary, making the “Magic City” stand out even more.

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    Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach – Top Catches

    For deep sea fishing out of Miami, the main attraction is the opportunity to catch a diverse range of fish. A-listers frequently catch fish just a few miles from the shore in the warm Gulf Stream.

    Haulover Beach Park | Haulover Inlet 

    The canal that joins Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean is called Haulover Inlet. You can find different kinds of fish there, but you’re more likely to catch bottom fish. The shallow waters are ideal for sight-fishing and catching various types of fish, such as Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, and Yellowtail Snapper.

    Anglers can catch peacock bass in Haulover Park Beach and the north end of Crandon Park Beach, but only when conditions are favorable.

    The Haulover Inlet provides access to numerous types of gamefish and is ideal for a fun day out on the water.

    Oleta River State Park

    If you enjoy fishing, visit Oleta River State Park in North Miami. The park has a river that runs through it, the Oleta River. This river starts from Biscayne Bay and ends up in the Atlantic Ocean by Sunny Isles Beach.

    At Oleta River State Park, there is a fishing pier where you can catch popular species like largemouth bass, snook, and redfish. The park is situated on Biscayne Bay, west of Sunny Isles Beach. During winter, the park’s location makes it a top spot in South Florida for snook fishing as they move upriver from their saltwater habitats.

    Southern Florida is a great place to catch blue crabs, flounder, and Spanish mackerel during the summer migration when they move into warm fresh waters.

    South Pointe Park

    If you’re a fishing enthusiast in Miami Beach, South Pointe Park Pier is the place to go for pier fishing. The park is situated on Government Cut, and you can enjoy fishing for free from the end of its pier. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need a fishing license to fish there. Nonetheless, obtaining a permit is worthwhile if you’re passionate about fishing.

    The water near the beach is shallow, but deeper water is available beyond it. This makes it suitable for both novice and experienced swimmers. Many people come here for fishing as it can be easily accessed from the land or watercraft such as boats and kayaks.

    At South Pointe Park, you can find cleaning stations and disposal lines for fish waste, which means you can handle fish without getting your hands dirty.

    Bache Shoal Reef

    Bache Shoal Reef is a well-liked fishing location in Miami, as it is ideal for catching king mackerel, snapper, and Mahi Mahi. Additionally, one may even see a record-breaking grouper fish here! The reef is encompassed by wrecks, which makes it an excellent location for bait fish, the preferred meal of larger predators like Sailfish or grouper.

    To increase your chances of catching fish at night fishing this reef, it’s best to use bottom or kite fishing. Alternatively, if you enjoy it, you could try spearfishing.

    If you don’t have your boat, you can still easily reach the reef by fishing from Miami Harbor. In addition, the Miami fishing charters are available for use. During peak seasons like summer vacation, when traffic gets crazy, visitors can enjoy other activities nearby, such as snorkeling at North Beach Park or water sports at South Pointe Park. This can make up for any inconvenience caused by the traffic.

    Liberty Ship

    You can catch Swordfish and Sailfish all year round at Liberty Ship, about 3 miles east of Bal Harbour. This reef is an excellent spot for fishing as it offers a diverse range of fish, such as Amberjack, Grouper, Snapper, and Barracuda, which can be found throughout the year.

    Due to its many fishing grounds, large size, and convenient location accessible from most coastal areas, this site in Miami is highly renowned for game fishing. Many types of fish, including Sailfish, are drawn to the Liberty Shipwreck all year round. However, during their seasonal migrations, Swordfish are also attracted to the area.

    The site is most effective during late summer months in South Florida when strong offshore currents bring bait from deeper waters, where they feed during storms.

    Star Trek Reef

    The Star Trek Reef in Miami is a sunken freighter that sank during the Korean War. It is located 210 feet deep under the water and serves as a habitat for marine animals, including critters and baitfish. As a result, it is a popular spot for fishing, especially for trophy fish species such as Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo, Mutton, and Vermillion Snapper.

    Miami is an excellent spot for big-game fishing. In the fall, you can catch Mahi, Swordfish, Blackfin Tuna, and Sailfish almost daily.

    Matheson Hammock Park

    Matheson Hammock Park boasts a distinctive manufactured atoll pool at 9610 Old Cutler Road, just south of Coral Gables and across Key Biscayne. It is an ideal location for fishing as well as snorkeling.

    This Miami fishing spot is excellent for beginner and experienced anglers because the water varies from shallow to deep. As a result, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch mullet, snapper, and snook, all delicious fish to eat!

    You could try fishing under the bridge on the right side of the park, past the tollgate. It is one of the park’s well-known fishing spots.

    Key Biscayne Bay Fishing

    A highly favored fishing location in Miami, suitable for inshore and offshore anglers, is close to the Key’s Edge. This spot offers excellent fishing opportunities to catch Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Snapper, Grouper, Sharks, and more.

    Government Cut

    This channel, constructed by humans, is an excellent spot for enthusiastic Sailfish anglers in the region. Here, you can catch significant fish without venturing far from the shore.

    The Edge

    You can find A-list fish while traveling from here. The Edge is where bait fish gather, attracting predators such as King Mackerel and Blackfin Tuna that can be caught on your line.

    Miami Deep Sea Fishing Charters Techniques

    To enhance your understanding, let’s discuss the different techniques you can employ for deep-sea fishing in Miami. Then, you can opt for one of the many available Miami bottom fishing trips and charters that guide navigating the waters and selecting the most effective techniques for your target catch.

    This will enable you to identify and pick the best approach.


    One effective way to catch a variety of fish year-round is through trolling. This technique can yield Bull Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, King Mackerel, and Tuna, among other species, with slight variations depending on the season.

    During the winter, the Gulf Stream is situated near the shore, making it an ideal time for deep-sea fishing. Anglers can catch great fish by trolling just a mile from the beach. Using up to eight rods in the water is recommended, each with different bait options.

    A variety of baits, from pilchard, ballyhoo, and goggle-eye to Bonito strips, would be a good option. In addition, flats fishing well, trolling over reefs and wrecks can increase the chances of success.

    Kite Fishing

    Kite fishing is the perfect method for catching Sailfish. Although you can use this technique to see many other species, Sailfishing is what made it famous. Kite fishing is effective because the bait stays on the surface, keeping the fishing line out of the water and making it harder for the fish to detect.

    Kite fishing is a saltwater method that charter guides use during windy winter days. They use outriggers to control the kites and the fishing lines, which run through release clips.

    You must grab and reel the rod when a fish bites and tugs on the line. To catch pelagic predators such as Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Sailfish, it’s best to use live bait.

    Bottom Fishing

    Various techniques are available for bottom fishing, each targeting different kinds of fish. In addition, Miami has numerous deep fishing spots where you can try these techniques and catch multiple bottom fish.

    Fishing near reefs can result in catching many delicious fish, and wrecks are an excellent spot to find large fish. Using a boat ramp as an anchor is effective when targeting any Snapper.

    If you want to catch bigger fish that like to swim in deep waters, deep dropping is the fishing technique you should use. The Golden Tilefish is the ultimate prize when using this technique, but you can also catch sizeable Jacks and Groupers. Your captain will guide you on the type of bottom fishing that will work best for the fish you choose.

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    Deep Sea Fishing in Miami – All You Could Ever Want!

    Miami offers excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to have a memorable experience in its waters. Whether you aim to break your record or try something new, you can go deep-sea fishing in Miami for a life-changing fishing adventure.

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