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  • Indoor Activities in Miami: Your Guide to Indoor Entertainment

    Whether you’re trying to cool off or get out of a downpour, there are many entertaining indoor activities in Miami. You’ll have fun getting out of the rain, snow, and cold for an afternoon of indoor adventure in Greater Miami & Miami Beach.

    Although it may not seem like it initially, Miami can still be a blast when bad weather hits. Shopping in Miami, of course, is a beautiful alternative no matter the weather. And with the city’s growing number of museums, adding some culture to a wet day is practically unavoidable. Not only that, but cloudy skies provide a delicious respite from the Miami heat and serve as a lovely excuse to dine at one of Miami’s most romantic restaurants and the romantic Miami Beach vacation rentals to stay during the rainy day in Miami.

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    Things to Do in Miami When it Rains

    Miami Seaquarium

    Although it may be raining, there’s no need to worry about not being able to go outside. The Miami Seaquarium is perfect for a day like this because of the many sea animal exhibitions it offers, as well as its history of rehabilitating injured or abandoned animals. First-timers, however, should be forewarned that the park might be a little damp and slick, so bring your swimming attire!

    The Seaquarium offers everything from swimming with sharks and stingrays to walking through a vast underground tunnel-slash-aquarium. You may even hang out with some seals on certain days or witness amazing sea creatures perform aerial leaps!

    If you’re not into animal performance, the Seaquarium has several conservation efforts at the Conservation Outpost and Rescue a Reef. In this section, you’ll discover how human beings can assist in preserving sea life, making it an ideal choice for indoor activities for kids in Miami.

    Pérez Art Museum Miami

    Although you might not expect it, there are plenty of opportunities to explore South Florida history without venturing too far from home.

    If you’re into the ingo, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is the place to go. This art-oriented destination, located on lovely Biscayne Bay, provides visitors with access to historical and current independent art gallery exhibits. This little-known museum is perfect for anyone bored of the traditional museum experience available throughout America.

    Tower Theater Miami

    The Tower Movie Theater in Little Havana is one of the most historic structures in the city, only a few minutes from Miami Beach. It’s worth spending an afternoon here, especially on a rainy day. Film fans in other cities won’t feel out of place while browsing through an eclectic mix of foreign and local films at this theater, which isn’t unlike the art house cinemas in other cities.

    The theater’s workers generally create a shortlist of tales that tug at your heartstrings or move you in ways you never thought possible, making it an entertaining and unique activity for the whole family! Hiding from the Miami rain showers is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

    Brickell City Centre

    We all know there’s an endless amount to do in Miami, but what if you’re looking to spend some money without leaving your comfort zone? The answer: visit Brickell City Centre.

    Brickell City Center is one of the most notable of all the malls in Florida. It stretches from Miami Beach to Kendall Drive’s Dadeland Mall and further North Miami Beach to Aventura Mall. This place is always buzzing with activity. With its giant food court, a massive selection of stores, escape rooms, and other fun indoor activities in Miami, there’s always something to do here.

    But that’s not all! A “climate ribbon” is located in the City Centre, which isn’t a prize but is still quite fascinating. The ribbon is a vast and daunting steel structure-slash-roof that harnesses nature. It captures rainwater and mutes the sun’s glare, resulting in a half-indoors, half-outdoors experience for everyone who visits. Functional and attractive in a metropolis known more for excess than sustainability.

    Wynwood – Paniq Escape Room

    Despite the rain and inclement weather, one of the most fantastic attractions in Miami isn’t a single location but rather an area overflowing with activities to keep you occupied – despite it all. Wynwood is an arts district boasting graffiti, murals, and contemporary art!

    Although art is undoubtedly a central part of the experience in this historical district, it’s not the only thing on offer. Visitors can grab a beer from a local brewery as quickly as they step into see the Rubell Family Collection for some alcohol in Miami’s art scene appreciation.

    Wynwood’s website has an extensive list of attractions, but you can also download the app for a self-guided tour. The best part is that you go at your own pace in this little slice of art-oriented Miami.

    Xtreme Action Park

    Where is a facility near Miami that offers clients a variety of indoor playground activities such as bowling, laser tag, or even a driving range for go-karts where they may hide from the rain? The solution: Xtreme Action Park! The Miami Ice Palace has everything you’ll need to spend a day of lousy weather indoors, which helps to soften the blow of missing out on that beautiful Miami sunset.

    Adults and children alike may enjoy over 200,000 square feet of pure indoor enjoyment at Xtreme Action Park. The indoor arcade caters to video game fans with plenty of high-scoring games, while the expansive laser tag arena is perfect for would-be warriors who want to tumble, shoot, and take cover. In addition, the family can enjoy other fun activities together, are rollerblading, go-karting, bowling, and escape room experiences.

    Xtreme Action Park is much more than your average entertainment venue – they also have some futuristic interactive exhibits! With their virtual reality zone and immersive darkroom rides, your family can feel like they’re leaving Miami behind and living out exciting stories and adventures.

    BASEMENT Miami Micro Club

    Take a break from the usual touristy activities like history museums walk and historical visits to Coral Gables; it’s party time in Miami. When night falls, the city is electric. The BASEMENT Micro Club is ideal for tasting South Beach’s renowned hospitality. Positioned below The Miami Beach EDITION, BASEMENT strives to deliver a unique multi-dimensional entertainment experience. But what exactly does it imply?

    BASEMENT isn’t simply a dance club. It’s instead 1/3 dance club, 1/3 ice rink, and 1/3 bowling alley. You won’t find anything comparable in South Beach or the rest of Miami. What’s more, the entire club is outfitted with cutting-edge audio technology and a lighting system that should be in a museum. The strobes and lasers are the work of Patrick Woodroffe, who has also worked with Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.


    We’ve all been there: you’re out on vacation and a bit weary, but you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to explore Miami! We’ve discovered the Goldilocks of indoor fun excursions in Miami. So if you’re searching for something to do that isn’t as hectic as shopping on Lincoln Road or as pricey as dining in South Beach, TopGolf is the best option!

    TopGolf is the best Miami offers in terms of indoor, socially distanced golfing options. Its cleanliness and spaciousness surpass that of its competitors. Each bay has plenty of space to kick back and relax with your friends and family, which is vacuumed between sessions. In addition, TopGolf provides a full-service bar and restaurant that will bring your meal right to the game area.

    Kendall Ice Arena

    Enjoy the cold while embracing it by ice skating as a family at Kendall Ice Arena. Friday and Saturday nights are for anyone who wants to come out and have some fun skating to music provided by a DJ. For an additional fee, little kids can rent a seal push-along to help them glide. Admission includes regular skate rental.

    Cultivate Your Green Thumb

    Do you feel like you need more responsibility in your life? Then, head to a nursery and buy some new plants or seeds for your sculpture garden. This will give you something to care for and add color to your home!

    Casaplanta Garden Center

    Browse an array of foliage at (6825 SW 127th Ave., Miami) and bring home some new plant babies.

    Galloway Farm Nursery

    7780 SW 87th Ave, Miami) is home to an indoor oasis where visitors can explore a plant exhibition.

    Apollo Plants

    (151 NE 41st St. #121, Miami) is a place that fills itself with plants and has different activities and street art installations from May to July. They want visitors to see the natural world in new ways through these unconventional means of art.

    A New Brew or Concoction to Sip

    Never shy away from a new bar or brewery, old or not–especially when the weather is looking iffy. Discover the inventive — a secret bar or a taproom that rotates its beer selections with Bad Bunny-branded pilsners and O, Miami poetry-inspired brews.

    Los Altos

    In Little Havana, Miami, El Mexicano is a speakeasy with mezcal and tequila that sits above Taquerias el Mexicano.

    Taquerias el Mexicano

    Are you looking for a taste of Mexico? Try delicious burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and more! Our restaurant is decorated with vibrant colors, serapes, and hanging plants – it’s sure to get you in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine!

    Margot Natural Wine Bar

    This establishment boasts some of the city’s most significant selections of natural wines, free from harmful chemicals or pesticides.

    Stay Sporty

    There are several ways to be active indoors in Miami. Rock climbing at The Edge Rock Gym, soaring through the air at Sky Zone Miami, or playing dodgeball or basketball on trampolines are all fun activities.

    The Edge Rock Gym

    People like you have found their physical counterparts to overcome life’s most difficult challenges. In this sport, always looking up to new opportunities is vital. So many people are used to keeping their heads down and missing all the potential around them. We’re glad you take advantage of every opportunity when you’re climbing!

    Sky Zone Miami

    The style of play makes us leap and duck and flip and sweat until we need to drink water and sit down. Being in the moment and free to be yourself is good for your body and brain. Sky Zone is a place to explore and discover. And there’s plenty of room for everyone, so all the little kids (and children at heart) can play together.

    Planet Air Sports is a next-generation facility that takes an original approach to work out and training for sports while also being enjoyable.

    Final Thoughts

    The weather in Miami can be unpredictable, with the rainy Miami day season bringing a sudden downpour that can ruin plans for outdoor activities. With summertime now in full swing, more rainy days have forced people inside. It’s a good idea to have a few Miami rainy day activities on hand in case the weather gets bad. You may find yourself on a rainswept Miami holiday when your sunshine getaway becomes a rainy one. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your time! There are many ways to spend a fun-filled day indoors without sacrificing all the moments you’ve saved up for this season.

    If you’re looking for a short-term rental in Miami while having a rainy day season, Luxury Rentals Miami Beach is a perfect choice. We offer a wide range of luxury rentals, from a Miami penthouse for rent to apartments sure to meet your needs. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, our team will go above and beyond to ensure your unforgettable experience.