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  • Miami Riverwalk: Take a Beautiful Walk by the Water

    The Miami Riverwalk is a peaceful, shaded walkway along the northern bank of the Miami River that provides beautiful vistas. You’ll find it stretching from Bayfront Park to the edge of the Second Avenue Bridge.

    This path is well-maintained and offers relaxers a leisurely short walk with no challenges. You may relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the city’s waterfront. The majority of people spend around an hour in the area, although it does not take nearly as long to walk the entire route.

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    The Best of Miami Riverwalk

    About Miami Riverwalk

    The history of South Florida began more than 10,000 years ago with the arrival of the first humans. The Tequesta people lived on the river banks between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades from around the 5th century BC to around 1600 AD. At that time, the waters of the Everglades entered Biscayne Bay. The location was perfect for indigenous people to unite and form their communities. They could prosper with an accessible water source and proximity to the Everglades and the bay until Europeans came along.

    The City of Miami was formed in 1896. When the train reached the new city, it was already there. The metropolis has expanded over the years and decades. Today, a large metropolis separates that same canal from the Everglades, which has been pushed back several miles through development to the west. The bay and river will always be at the center of Miami.

    How long is the Miami RiveWalk?

    The Miami Riverwalk is a pedestrian walkway that runs along the Miami River and Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami, Florida. It continues through Bayfront Park along the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. The Bayside Marketplace Riverwalk is approximately one mile long, starting from the marketplace and ending at the Metromover station. With many shops and cafes along it and beautiful public artwork, this riverwalk was recently redone and offered a perfect afternoon stroll. In addition, the Brickell Avenue Bridge, constructed in 1915, passes over the Miami River. The Miami Riverwalk Festival took place in November 2008, and it is free and culturally educational.

    Popular Attractions

    Brickell Centre Shopping Centre

    Downtown Brickell City Centre is a “city-within-a-city” with three levels of shops and restaurants, including a flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store and popular eateries like Technology. A new outdoor retail center where you can find many stores and restaurants, but also be sure to watch your spending. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, the grounds are gorgeous and well worth a stroll.

    Perez Art Museum Miami

    The Perez Art Museum Miami, FL is one of the city’s top art destinations, with artwork created throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries worldwide. If you appreciate striking architecture, you will find the building and its accompanying waterfront restaurant reason enough to visit. If you love art, on the other hand, then you’ll enjoy perusing through the sculpture garden and checking out all of the paintings and photographs on display. As a result, PAMM is frequently included in art-focused excursions to Miami.

    Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

    The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science), Miami’s only planetarium, Aquarium, and science museum, will ignite your sense of adventure! Live shows, animals, hands-on interactives, and cutting-edge Technology are all part of the experience ahead. Take in the breathtaking depths of the Aquarium’s three-story level, where you’ll get up close and personal with stingrays, hammerhead sharks, and other aquatic creatures.

    Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

    The Arsht Center is busily located in Miami, Florida, and is one of America’s most prominent performing arts centers. Part of the center was constructed on the land where a Sears department store had been; an Art Deco building from 1929 that pre-dates the other Art Deco hotels by Ocean Drive.

    Bass Museum

    The Bass is Miami Beach’s most well-known modern art museum. After donating a private collection by residents John and Johanna Bass, The Bass was founded in 1964 and opened in what was formerly the Miami Beach Public Library and Art Center, a 1930’s Art Deco structure designed by Russell Pancoast.

    The Bass is known for being the first museum in the United States to solo exhibitions by international artists such as Erwin Wurm. In addition, they have also majorly exhibited influential artists, including El Anatsui, Isaac Julien, Eve Sussman, and Piotr Uklański. The exhibit program ranges across various media and creative viewpoints, providing new perspectives on the city’s rich cultural history.

    Museum of Contemporary Art

    MOCA is known for its boundary-pushing exhibitions, with 8 to 10 installations on display each year. MOCA strives for a fresh perspective when examining contemporary art.

    More than 400 pieces of art by renowned artists like Keith Haring are housed in the museum’s permanent collection. It is currently on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, London’s Tate Modern, and Barcelona’s Contemporary Museum of Art (among many other places).

    MOCA’s Wednesday evening program, MOCA by Moonlight, offers lectures, artist forums, and hands-on art classes.

    Fontainebleau Miami Beach

    Fontainebleau is a stunning combination of Golden Era glitz and modern luxury, reinventing Morris Lapidus’ original concept of a stage where everyone may shine. At Fontainebleau, striking design, cutting-edge art, music, fashion, and Technology come together to offer a fresh take on guest service. With the unique vacation rentals in Miami Beach. Look no further than Luxury Rentals Miami Beach! This property has amenities to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

    So spend a day with us your way. Whether you love to shop till you drop, be pampered at the spa, indulge in great food, or relax – we’ve got what it takes to make it perfect. Find yourself in a place that envelops you with all sorts of joy and opportunities for exploration.

    Parks and Recreation

    Alice Wainwright Park

    Alice C. Wainwright Park is a unique, protected collection of upland plants that provides an essential ecosystem for local wildlife. Natural forest Communities (NFC) like this one are rare, occurring only in South Florida and along coastlines. The canopy forest at Alice C. Wainwright Park, made up mostly of evergreen and semi-deciduous hardwood hammock trees and shrubs, is known as Tropical Hardwood Hammock. The park, which honors the first elected female to serve on the City of Miami Commission, overlooks Biscayne Bay and provides stunning views and refreshing breezes. The dog-friendly park is a beautiful location to cycle or unwind with a book.

    Jungle Island

    Jungle Island, a well-known South Florida attraction, is an intimate zoological park in the heart of Miami, between Downtown Miami and South Beach. Jungle Island is home to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic animals, continuing a rich tradition that began in 1936. Under a canopy of tropical trees, park guests may observe wildlife performances and educational displays as they go by streams and waterfalls.

    At our zoo, guests can choose to participate in hands-on interactions with fascinating animals or go on guided behind-the-scenes VIP tours. Jungle Island provides engrossing, real-life jungle adventures for park visitors through dynamic encounters centered on adventure, animals, discovery, and fun. The recently renovated 13,800 sq. ft Treetop Ballroom and outdoor spaces, including a private beach, make the 18-acre park Miami’s go-to spot for events.

    Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, located at the southern tip of Key Biscayne blvd, is a natural paradise about 15 minutes from Downtown Miami. Climb the tower of the lighthouse for spectacular views, meander through wooded paths, and soak up the rays on the beach. Besides, the park is part of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom heritage preservation program commemorates enslaved people who escaped to the British Bahamas.

    South Pointe Park

    Miami Beach’s southernmost park is Pointe Park, a lovely green area at the city’s southern extremity. The main attraction of South Miami avenue bridge Beach is its wide, sandy Beach with beautiful panoramic views of the Port Miami shoreline, cruise ship docked at Port Miami, the downtown Miami skyline, and Fisher Island. The Beach is just a few minutes from the park, and there are pathways for walking, as well as picnic and BBQ sites, benches, a café, and an off-leash bark park. There’s also a tiny water playground where you can cool down on a hot day, a jungle gym, and beautiful vegetation. Smith & Wollensky steakhouse is in the park, with delectable dine-in and carry-out options.

    Miami Seaquarium

    Miami Seaquarium is perfect for any group size. You can enjoy a day at the park filled with performances and presentations or get closer to the animals by participating in one of our water interactions.

    Margaret Pace Park

    Margaret Pace Park, set amid Edgewater’s residential condos, is a little-known gem hidden just the north side of Downtown Miami. It’s something of a secret hideaway positioned right on Biscayne Bay. Margaret Pace Park, which was named for one of Miami’s most prominent preservationists, offers beautiful views of the Venetian Islands and Miami Beach beyond. It’s a popular destination for dog owners who stroll their pets along the riverbank and watch them frolic in the enclosed dog park. During the night, you’ll likely see runners stretching and pleasant pick-up games at the park’s basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. With a playground and plenty of open space, it’s an excellent family-friendly outdoor destination. It’s also a fantastic spot to people-watch. It takes in the scenery while dining on a park bench or at a picnic table – especially since the famous local sandwich shop Daily Creative is only around the corner.

    Downtown Miami

    People who think of Greater Miami often envision beautiful beaches with towering palm trees. However, the urban center is home to a cityscape of glittering skyscrapers that overlook Biscayne Bay. There’s no mistaking Downtown Miami and Brickell for any other great place on Earth. Whether you’re looking for international finance, gourmet dining, arts, entertainment, or a good time, these areas have it all. No visitor to Miami should miss out on the excitement of these neighborhoods.

    This neighborhood has a modern façade, but it was founded along the Miami River long ago. The city’s first real estate boom began in the early 1900’s, and icons such as the DuPont Building (Miami’s only Art Deco skyscraper) and Freedom Tower (where Cuban refugees were processed for entry into the United States) were built afterward.

    Enjoy a Lovely Stroll by the Water

    Conveniently located along the northern bank of the Miami circle River, Miami Riverwalk is a scenic views pedestrian walkway that offers shade and beautiful amazing views. The mural starts at Bayfront Park and ends near the Second Avenue Bridge.

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    This pleasant walk may be taken by everyone who wants to unwind and go for a stroll since there’s no difficulty covering its length. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the water city center. Most people spend about an hour in the area, but it only takes a few minutes to walk through it.