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  • Where to Find the Best Sunset Cruise in Miami

    How will you create the perfect upscale experience in Miami? You can choose from one of the award-winning restaurants, sip your favorite drink at a high-end bar, or spend the night in a club VIP lounge. We also recommend an intimate

    4 of the Best Miami Sunset Cruise Charters

    1. Miami Yachting Company

    If you want to enjoy the ultimate charter experience, look no further than Miami Yachting Company. This high-end rental agency features over two dozen boats, each offering a unique and luxurious experience. Whether you want to relax with your special someone on a sunset cruise in Miami or celebrate with your friends and family, you’ll find the perfect boating experience for every occasion.

    2. Miami Sailing Private Charters

    Miami Sailing Private Charters is the ideal choice for an evening of romance with your significant other. Their 42 and 44-foot sailboats will take you on a relaxing and intimate sunset cruise off the coast of Miami, where you can sip wine, sample delicious cuisine, and take in stunning views of our coastline. For those wanting to craft the ultimate romantic experience for a special event, Miami Sailing Private Charters is the rental company for you.

    3. Luxury Yacht Charters Miami

    Luxury Yacht Charters Miami is another professional boat rental company that offers day and sunset cruises off the coast. Their fleet has over a dozen boats departing from North Miami Beach. Not only do they offer cruises and chartering services throughout South Florida, but you can also host events like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations on their upscale vessels.

    4. Spirit Yacht Charters

    Spirit Yacht Charters offers an array of experiences for visitors, but their luxury yacht charter service is the best. They give you the option to customize your trip to fit you and your group’s ideal experience. Whether you want to take a sunset cruise around Miami, explore tropical islands off the coast of South Florida, or have a high-end party with your friends, you can make it happen with Spirit Yacht Charters.

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