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  • Miami’s Best Hotel Spas

    Acqualina Resort & Spa

    This five-star resort and spa takes relaxation to the next level, offering a slew of amazing options, including a Finnish sauna, Himalayan salt wall, and ice fountain. There are also private rooms available that are perfect for receiving a massage or other types of spa treatment, as well as outdoor facilities, including a pool with a Roman water fall. Guests also have access to yoga classes, personal trainers, and even boot camp instructors if they want to get their body in better shape.

    Finally, part of what separates Acqualina from ordinary spas is a menu for lunch or dinner with food that complements many of the spa and fitness treatments offered, as there is no detail too small, making this the ideal spa experience.


    Located at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Lapis offers various massages, facials, salon care, ayurvedic treatment and more. The spa also offers several unique body renewal treatments, including body wraps, body facials, body scrubs, and muscle relief. Lapis also has remedies for busy travelers who need to treat their jet lag or enjoy a deep tissue massage that can help them relax.

    Mandarin Oriental

    The Mandarin Oriental spa has some of the most elegant treatment rooms in Miami, with many of them including spectacular views of Biscayne Bay. The treatment options are equally impressive, with many of them inspired by century-old traditions from Europe and Asia. If you want to go all out, there are four distinct spa journeys that offer a variety of treatments at the same time, as well as more targeted treatments based on your desires. There are also several beauty options to make you look your best in addition to making you feel rested and relaxed.

    The Standard

    Out in Belle Isle is the Standard Hotel, whose spa quite literally sets the standard for hotel spas in Miami. The Standard uses water as the main ingredient in many of its spa treatments, drawing on ancient bathing rituals from all over the world. The spa also offers acupuncture and a unique brand of sound therapy. On top of all that, there is also yoga and fitness classes available, and even group retreats in case you and several of your friends would like to get away and enjoy one of Miami’s best and most unique spa experiences together.

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