Miami’s Best Pizza Places

Of course, with Miami being such a culturally diverse city with influence from all over the world, there is a wide array of unique and distinct pizza places throughout South Florida. Here are just a few of the great pizza places that Miami has to offer.

Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza

Andiamo is a genuine Italian-American restaurant with a great amount of influence from New York City and other parts of the northeast. The dough is made fresh daily, the ingredients are brought in fresh daily, and the pizzas are cooked in a brick oven, making it difficult to find a pizza place in Miami that serves a higher quality pie. Andiamo features more than two-dozen expertly crafted pizza choices, as well as the option to create your own pie from an extensive list of exquisite ingredients. If the pizza selection isn’t extensive enough, Andiamo also offers sandwiches and salads, and has a wide selection of beer and wine choices. There’s also outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your favorite pizza while basking in Miami’s warmth.

Pucci’s Pizza

Pucci’s is a genuine Brooklyn pizza shop that’s found in the heart of South Beach. They hand toss their dough and cook their pizzas in a brick oven, while offering all the classic pie types, such as meat lovers, all white, chicken Alfredo, and chicken bacon ranch. The key to their pizza success is using some of the best cheese on the market, which complements the other ingredients and makes the pizza taste fresh. Pucci’s also offers hot and cold sandwiches, wings, salads, and plenty of entrees, but the Brooklyn style pizza is why it’s one of the top pizza places on South Beach.

Harry’s Pizzeria

Harry’s is one of the classiest pizza places in Miami, with two locations, one in Coconut Grove and the other in the Design District. It serves a slightly more up-scale clientele, but the higher prices are well worth it. With whole-wheat flour, Lucini Italia extra-virgin olive oil, and some of the finest local ingredients, Harry’s is able to create some of the most delicious pizza you’ve ever tasted. The pie options are eclectic, including Oyster Mushroom, Rock Shrimp, Braised Fennel, Slow Roasted Pork, and more. The menu also includes a variety of great salads and a different entre for each day of the week, but the incredible selection of gourmet pizzas makes it a place that any pizza lover has to visit.


This place is the closest thing to Italy that you’ll find in Miami, as owner Graziano Sbroggio was born and raised in Italy, where his parents owned a restaurant. For starters, the outdoor seating and the high volume of foot traffic nearby create a charming setting for either dinner or lunch. The nearly 20 different varieties of pizza on the menu give you a true taste of Italy, including Carbonara, Cotto E Funghi, Tutta Carne, Genovese, and more. Those pizzas are complemented perfectly by the restaurant’s selection of beer and wine, many of which also hail from Italy, giving you an authentic Italian pizza experience.