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  • Show Off Your Best Smile at The Most Instagrammable Places in Miami

    Pictures, or it didn’t happen! If you didn’t photograph the most Instagrammable places in Miami, were you there? Follow this guide for insider tips on the best places to take pictures in Miami. We promise you won’t go wrong with spending a few hours browsing some of the most beautiful places in Miami.

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    The Most Instagrammable Places in Miami Will Make You Swoon

    Snap a Few Shots at These World-Class Museums

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

    Once known as Villa Vizcaya, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens extends over fifty acres in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami. The museum is home to intricate Mediterranean-style architecture and collections that date back to the days of Pompeii. Partially surrounded by the shores of Biscayne Bay, the breathtaking estate is an Instagrammers dream. To explore the property’s wonders and find the best picture spots, we recommend a private guided tour through the estate. As you move through the luxuriously decorated rooms and picture-perfect gardens, you’ll notice the exquisite details that make Vizcaya’s aesthetic ideal for your Instagram photo.

    Pérez Art Museum Miami

    From elaborate hanging gardens and gorgeous bayside views to shaded verandas and distinct permanent art collections, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is popular with Instagrammers. PAMM is Miami’s flagship art museum; its exhibitions uniquely highlight the city’s diverse community and pivotal geographic location. PAMM’s carefully curated galleries and breathtaking modern architecture create the perfect blend of culture and design that Instagram feeds yearn for.

    Pro-tip: The careful symmetry of the PAMM’s sculpture garden pieces makes this outdoor exhibit an Instagram favorite!

    Wynwood Walls in Miami

    Wynwood Walls is a feature of Miami’s Wynwood Art District and a worldwide outdoor street art museum. It’s the place to go for a decent taste of the former slum and warehouse neighborhood that’s become Florida’s top urban art destination. So it’s no surprise that it’s the main attraction of neighborhood wall art.

    The cultural monument takes up a whole block and has a large garden encircled by a succession of big colorful paintings. The dynamic works of muralists and sculptors from all around the globe are on show. In addition, a collection of installation art and sculptures are scattered around the grass, some of which are extraordinarily realistic and seem to be half-buried under the turf.

    Strike a Pose at Miami’s Beautiful Beaches

    Of course, when in Miami, you must visit the beach. From photo-worthy lifeguard stands and emerald blue waters to pastel-colored murals and historic Art Deco architecture, any Miami Beach neighborhood you visit promises sun, sand, and stunning backdrops.

    These are a few of our favorite spots in Miami:

    Ocean Drive in South Beach

    Take photos of iconic art deco structures as souvenirs! Also, a tourist trap? Yes, but what Miami Instagram account would be complete without a snap of Ocean Drive’s stunning neon lights? We just couldn’t! When it comes to Instagrammable Miami locales, Ocean Drive is a must-see both day and night!

    Ocean Drive is a Miami avenue with beautiful art deco buildings to shoot. The road runs from South Pointe at 1st Street to the end of Miami Beach’s barrier island. Many of Ocean Drive’s art deco hotels and restaurants, notably the landmark 1939 Colony Hotel, have been featured in films and television. The Carlyle Hotel, which was featured in the movie “The Birdcage,” and the Sunray Apartments featured in the movie “Scarface” are two more stops along the way.

    Key Biscayne Beach

    On the named barrier island in Florida, Key Biscayne Beach is the town’s primary coastline length. It is part of the 3-mile north-south stretch of soft-sand beaches that front the Atlantic Ocean on the key. While this beach is the closest to town, it is bordered by two enormous park beaches, Crandon Beach to the north and Cape Florida Beach on the key’s extreme southern end, which is readily accessible.

    Each beach provides unique vistas and recreational opportunities for the whole family, whether on the sand or the calm seas. Regardless, they all offer tranquil seaside views and a feeling of respite from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami. The gorgeous drive across the Rickenbacker Causeway, which provides coastline vistas spanning Biscayne Bay, is part of the Key Biscayne experience.

    Bill Baggs Cape State Park

    The Bill Baggs Cape State Park is only minutes away from Brickell Centre. In addition, the historic 1825 Cape Florida Lighthouse, which is your Miami photographic destination, is located in the park.

    Take in the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay from the tower while you’re there. You may also take a historical guided tour of the lighthouse to discover more about its history.

    Baggs, Bill Cape Florida State Park, on the southern tip of Key Biscayne, is a famous conserved natural region with gorgeous beaches and countless outdoor activities. So whether you want to unwind or experience something more exciting, you’ll find it all here.

    This park is jam-packed with natural activities that the whole family can enjoy, ensuring everyone has a good day. Most visitors spend approximately 2 or 3 hours in the park, but there are so many things to do that it can quickly become an all-day event.

    South Pointe Park and Beach

    South Pointe Pier is a big pier where you may go fishing, kayaking, or take in the scenery. The pier is part of South Pointe Park, a sprawling park with some of the most incredible views of the city’s South Beach beachfront. The skyline of Miami’s city center, Fisher Island, and the cruise ships of Port Miami can all be seen from the observation platforms. Following your photoshoot, the park offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including grilling and picnic sites, a swimming beach, walking paths, and an off-leash dog park. If you bring your children, they may enjoy the water playground.

    Alice Wainwright Park

    Take advantage of the coastal canopy forest.

    Alice Wainwright Park is a canopy forest packed with protected highland flora, ideal for obtaining beautiful nature shots. The park is a Tropical Hardwood Hammock on the Biscayne Bay beachfront famous for recreational activities and natural splendor. It is named after the first elected woman on the City of Miami Commission. The panoramic panoramas of the adjacent Coconut Grove region, the limestone outcrop of the Miami Rock Bridge, and the outside of the Tropical Hammock wildness are some of the park’s natural features. From numerous vantage points, one might obtain stunning views of the Biscayne Bay coastline.

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