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  • Must See Art in Wynwood Miami

    Home to over ten galleries, museums, and collections, the district is often frequented by a relaxed, youthful clientele. North 36th Street, North 20th Street, Interstate 95, and Northeast First Avenue serve as approximative boundaries for this area.

    It is one of the most significant public art projects available to the public anywhere around the globe. So while you’re in the Wynwood neighborhood, there are a few pieces of art that you just must see.

    Art Walk

    2250 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    The most enjoyable part of the week is always Saturday. But, on the other hand, every other Saturday is an inspiring event in Wynwood. During Art Walk, thousands of tourists searching for culture, good food, and a good time swarm the streets to experience a night out in Miami and everything that the city’s art community has to offer. This well-known monthly art event kicks out at six o’clock and continues far into the night, with openings at art galleries, restaurants, and retail shops all around the city.

    There is no better time than now to check out and appreciate the more than 400 shops that make up the area’s fabric, regardless of whether you are someone who has a passion for culinary delights, the visual arts, or shopping. Only on this particular day do these one-of-a-kind establishments, such as galleries and stores, throw the biggest block party in all of Miami after closing time.

    Wynwood Wall

    2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    The Wynwood Walls are widely regarded as the first and only outdoor street art museum in the United States. They were established in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman, a visionary placemaker. The external walls of these six distinct buildings serve as enormous canvases for some of the most impressive collections of street art ever brought together in one location.

    Approximately seventy artists from sixteen different nations have contributed to the Wynwood Walls project, which has resulted in the covering of over 80,000 square feet of wall space with artwork. Wynwood Walls aims to broaden its scope with each passing year, highlight the work of up-and-coming artists, and provide the neighborhood with access to the painting of the highest possible caliber.

    Unparalleled outdoor attraction characterized by enormous, brightly colored murals painted by artists from all over the world.

    Harold Golen Gallery

    2294 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    The most excellent Pop Surrealism Gallery in Miami, open since 2007, is one of the original pioneers in the Wynwood Art District and an exceptional opportunity for art lovers to have a one-of-a-kind experience! The term “pop surrealism” refers to an artistic style that emerged in the late 1970s in Southern California and then extended across the United States and the rest of the world.

    Pop Surrealism is influenced by the “disposable art” that our culture consumes daily, such as illustration art, cartoons, comic books, toys, board games, advertisements, television, movies, black velvet paintings, big eye paintings, paint-by-number paintings, tikis, pinups, tattoos, horror, architectural, and interior design trends, as well as fashion trends.

    On the other hand, some artists take these inspirations and elevate them to the level of “Fine Art,” using methods such as those seen in Old Master Oil Painting, for instance. Mark Ryden, Ron English, Todd Schorr, Shag, and many more are among the most accomplished painters working in this style today.

    The original artwork, prints, items, art books, and greeting cards at the Harold Golen Gallery may be purchased. The gallery’s owner and curator, Harold Golen, is an expert in Pop Surrealism. This gallery is a must-see and should be visited.

    Miami Supercar Room

    2022 NW 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33127

    Spend some time in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, where some of the most coveted automobiles in the world are sitting and waiting to be found. Enter the country’s first Road Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience, where you may completely immerse yourself in our collection’s lengthy and illustrious history.

    The Miami Supercar Rooms Road Art Gallery is claimed to be the first of its type anywhere globally. It is the centerpiece of an artistically motivated idea in luxury automobile excellence and epicurean hospitality. In the Wynwood Arts and Entertainment area, they have already been operating for more than a year.

    Wynwood 28

    2075 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    They are looking for young modern artists with a lot of potential who are skilled in conventional methods, staunch defenders of meticulous drawings, and who can also be surprised by their artwork’s inventiveness.

    They constitute the backbone of a big project that started to take shape in 2014, and their team is formed of specialists who have more than 15 years of expertise in the area. It was agreed to begin constructing two curatorial initiatives and participate in several art exhibits in the United States of America and Argentina.

    Both of these activities were going to take place simultaneously. However, in the end, they concluded that it would be best for Wynwood 28 to acquire its land so that it could physically operate as a gallery.

    As its name suggests, the structure that will house our future venue can be found in the center of the Miami Art District, and we anticipate that it will open its doors to the public before the close of the calendar year after this one.

    Fabien Castanier Gallery

    45 NE 26th St suite a, Miami, FL 33137

    Since its foundation in 2011 in Los Angeles, the Fabien Castanier Gallery has cultivated a gallery program that seeks to expand the reach of cutting-edge contemporary artists to new audiences worldwide. They emphasize an interdisciplinary and international approach, highlighting painting, sculpture, installation, and new media. By building long-standing relationships with the artists, they aim to establish new markets for their work and a platform for their continuing artistic evolution.

    The Los Angeles-based gallery opened in 2011 in Studio City (CA) and relocated in 2014 to the Arts District of Culver City (CA). The gallery has a second location in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, which opened in early 2017. In addition to a foundation of exhibitions throughout the year, the gallery participates in several international art fairs, expanding its exhibition program by introducing cutting-edge contemporary artists to Los Angeles and audiences worldwide.


    2115 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    TRESART, which can be found in the middle of Wynwood, first opened its doors in 2006.

    Throughout his entire professional career, Antonio de la Guardia, the owner of the business and a private art dealer, has been involved in the trade of fine art. He has assisted private individuals, museums, and other institutions in constructing their collections of paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

    Through TRESART, he continues to provide his customers with the opportunity to acquire works from either his current inventory or from broad and dependable sources located outside of his company, notably private collections.

    These are some of the pieces of art in Wynwood Miami that you absolutely must visit if you are going to be staying in one of the Miami villa rentalsMiami penthouse rentals, or Miami vacation rentals.

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