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  • Nail Salon in Miami Beach: The Best Nail Salons

    Choosing the best nail salon in Miami beach can be challenging because so many are available. While considering nail salons result in pricing and cleanliness, we’d also appreciate a luxurious atmosphere and impressive nail art. Miami Beach is the ultimate destination for those who seek luxury, relaxation, and wellness.

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    Vanity Projects

    To make your hands look like a work of art, you should go to Vanity Projects, a high-end nail atelier. This luxury salon has a gallery-like concept, and it shows avant-garde video programming while you get your nails done with all sorts of unique nail art designs.

    This salon outpost in the city is exceptional. The space has a modern, sleek, and clean design, and the nail art is impressive, featuring arrangements such as leopard print, marble, and tiny roses. Note that you must book appointments in advance.

    Location: 7338 NW Miami Ct Unit 2 Miami

    Venetian Nail Spa

    Venetian aims to establish a collection of nail spas that are aesthetically pleasing and distinctive in areas that will appeal to individuals seeking a pleasant spa outing.

    A group of passionate individuals had a dream of creating Venetian Nail Spa, which they worked hard to bring to life. They shared this dream with others and eventually started a successful establishment prioritizing the community’s well-being.

    Location: 7353 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

    Luv Nail Shop

    Luv is a brand that caters to women who love to keep their nails looking pretty without using harmful chemicals. Their nail polishes are “five free,” which means they are free from toxic substances like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

    Women-owned and operated, Vanessa Altman is a certified professional fully committed to providing safe mani/pedi services. She has installed self-draining pedicure sinks to ensure this, sterilizes all equipment with medical-grade solutions, and utilizes disposable nail files and buffers walk-ins welcome.

    This salon may be slightly more expensive than your regular spot for a manicure, but it’s well worth the investment for the long-lasting, high-quality results you’ll enjoy even after you leave. In addition, the salon is spotless and has a feminine atmosphere.

    Location: 3246 N. Miami Ave

    The Nail Garden Spa

    Do you want to know Miami Lakes’ best-kept secret for a verified license nail tech mani/pedi? Look no further than The Nail Garden, which offers various popular services for nail you, including regular manis, deluxe pedis, gels, and acrylics.

    What makes this place unique is its comfortable atmosphere with soft sofas, fluffy cushions, and plenty of sunlight.

    Location: 13969 NW 67th Ave Miami Fl, Miami Lakes

    Rose Nail Lounge

    Rose Nail Lounge is a chic, sophisticated nail salon that offers various services, from regular manicures to deluxe pedicures. The salon features modern interiors with comfortable seating and a friendly staff who will ensure your experience is perfect.

    Rose Nail Lounge also offers long-lasting gels and acrylics, so you can enjoy your salon look for weeks without worrying about chips and breaks.

    Location: 3050 Biscayne Blvd #101, Miami,

    Acetona Nail Bar

    This quirky nail salon in Little Havana has a Spanish name and is locally owned, operated, and operated by Lynette Laurencio. Lynette, a young entrepreneur from Miami, is passionate about fresh manicures and serving fellow millennials. So you can expect her to focus on her clients’ nails or showcase her work on the salon’s Instagram account.

    If you are looking for classic nail designs, head over to Acetona’s salon, where they have two salons with many polish colors available. In addition, you can get a regular manicure and pedicure for around $30.

    Still, it’s worth upgrading to the deluxe option as it includes a special homemade coconut scrub treatment personally made by Lynette.

    Location: 533 SW 12th Ave Miami

    Gloss Nail Bar

    Gloss Nail Bar only uses all-natural polishes and beauty products because they believe chemicals should not come near your nails. However, you don’t have to compromise your preferences because the natural nails parlor maintains high standards, offering over 100 nontoxic, vegan, and preservative-free colors.

    They offer a large number of reviews for manicure and pedicure services categorized under “express,” “essential,” and “sumptuous” based on duration, cost, and facilities. Even a quick 15-minute manicure can feel luxurious as you recline on a comfortable couch and breathe in the soothing aroma of lavender and other essential oils in the surroundings.

    Location: 214 Andalusia Ave Coral Gables

    Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge

    You can get a wide range of manicure services at this specialized nail salon in the Shops at Midtown, including gel nails, acrylic tips, and Brazilian keratin treatments for your hands.

    Do you want to have a great time with your friends? Then, visit Nailbar & Beauty Lounge and enjoy your manicure party. You can invite your guests and bring your preferred refreshments while they provide the space and services for nail salons during your private pampering session.

    Location: The Shops at Midtown (3301 NE 1st Ave Unit 106 Miami)

    Tuka’s Salon

    Tuka is a famous nail technician known by one name, who has fans from all over the world that come to her for beautiful hands and feet. She is like the Madonna of manicures.

    Women-owned operated, and she maintains competitive prices, particularly for the trendy neighborhood, and has a reliable staff team, including her mother, who is skilled in providing excellent Brazilian manicures. Additionally, she remains humble despite her success.

    Tuka is no longer attending popular fashion events. Instead, she focuses on providing fast, high-quality service to loyal customers.

    Location: 1439 Alton Rd Miami Beach

    Mira Nailbar

    If you enjoy drinking wine while someone carefully takes care of your cuticles and applies nail polish, then Mira Nailbar is your perfect destination. This Edgewater salon emphasizes relaxation, offering ample and comfortable pedicure loungers and several service stations for regular and gel manicures.

    Whether you’re feeling relaxed or in a hurry, you won’t have to wait for a seat or feel rushed once your service is done.

    Location: 2001 Biscayne Blvd Unit 115 Miami


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    So, why not treat yourself to a luxurious stay in Miami Beach and immerse yourself in the ultimate pampering experience at the best nail salons?