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  • Our 3 Favorite Fashion Designers in Miami

    When many people think of luxury fashion in Miami, they think of Gianni Versace. Still, you need to check out so many up-and-coming local designers. And although many people think of Gianni Versace, luxury fashion in Miami is so much more. A brand-new pocketbook or clothing would make a wonderful keepsake from your vacation to Miami.

    Fashion Designers in Miami


    Argentine fashion designer Carolina Kleinman is the brains behind the premium lifestyle brand known as Carolina K. During the time of growth in which Carolina was working on her brand, she and her family traveled extensively over the globe, visiting countries such as Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico, all of which had a significant impact on her style. She collaborates with local craftspeople in order to get the one-of-a-kind prints and hand-embroidered elements that she employs.

    Carolina and her family now reside in Miami, Florida, where she established her first design studio and shop. The company is noted for its hand-embroidered details manufactured authentically by artisans from distant parts of Mexico, Peru, and India. It is a pioneer in engaging with communities of artisans in Latin America. Carolina’s DNA and ideology include a strong commitment to maintaining handmade traditions.

    Most recently, Carolina K introduced the Zero Waste collection, committed to reducing their impact by using every last scrap in their studio. In addition, they are committed to using recycled nylon for swimwear and recycling packaging for online orders. There is nothing more luxurious right now than sustainability!

    They always seek to operate in the most responsible and long-term manner possible. They have always been enthusiastic about it from the beginning, and they were continually searching for ways to improve. Therefore, they are excited to present their Zero Waste line dedicated to decreasing the environmental effect by repurposing every scrap of fabric.
    Miami Design District Store: 7924 NE 2nd Ave, Unit #103 Miami, FL 33138


    Miami Swim Week is iconic in the fashion industry, so it’s only appropriate that they include a local swimwear designer that you’ve most likely seen all over Instagram. A South Florida native, Alexandra Grief, used her creativity to start this brand and then joined her brother Devin to run the business as Co-CEOs.

    In addition to the Fort Lauderdale site, there is now a new Montce shop in the Miami Design District and over 70 retailers globally. It’s been worn by Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, and Emily Ratajkowski, and it’s been featured in Vogue and Marie Claire.

    Despite the rapid expansion, Montce’s success formula has stayed the same. Each bikini is distinguished by high-quality fabrics, vintage designs, and innovative construction features, and comprehensive fit testing and quality control ensure that they are both flattering and comfortable. In addition, Montce is distinguished by its easy balance of elegance and substance and obsessive attention to fit, which is why buyers only purchase the brand after trying it on.

    Their products are handmade here in the USA. They specialize in unique details, feminine prints and colors, luxurious materials, and ultra-flattering suits that fit all body types. In addition, they have expanded to include apparel, from dresses to athleisure and accessories. You can never have enough bathing suits when you are in Miami Beach!
    Miami Design District Store: 3810 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137


    This handbag and accessories brand has become synonymous with luxury due to its quality, craftsmanship, and luxurious skins. All her pieces are crafted and produced in Italy and use many different materials from python to rattan, faux fur, velvet, and her signature snake print leather.

    But even while using these materials, Ximena and her team are focused on using them sustainably and ethically and supporting a local charity called Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida by donating a portion of their sales. This organization supports the Everglades conservation and restoration as one of the world’s most diverse and significant ecosystems.

    The business continues to grow with a wide range of designs to pick from, including perfume bottles, binoculars, “grandma bags,” and jewelry boxes in various hues and metallic sprays.

    XIMENA KAVALEKAS has extended to more eco-friendly materials due to the brand’s success and customer demand for a more sustainable mode of manufacturing. Beyond python, the brand has expanded to include textiles, rattan, fake fur, snake print leather, and velvet, to mention a few. All are made in environmentally responsible methods. The snake print, which will always be a part of the brand’s logo, is the one element that hasn’t been altered, even with new materials.

    They also have a men’s collection, so anyone can head to their store to get something to up their accessory game!
    Miami Design District Store: 140 NE 39th St, Suite 106, Miami, FL 33137

    These are just a few of our favorites, but the more time you spend in Miami, the more you will discover on your own. Miami is a city filled with different cultures and influences. That is being seen more and more in the luxury fashion scene and local designers. Not only are the designs exquisite, but you will also be getting a lasting memento and a piece that keeps you ahead of the trend!

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