Places in Miami To Pamper Yourself

For those that want to go that extra mile towards rest and relaxation, here are a few places in Miami where you can pamper yourself even more while on vacation.

Acqualina Resort and Spa

One of the best places to go in Miami to get pampered is the Acqualina Resort and Spa. Acqualina is also home to hotel rooms and residences, and its spa is top of the line, with countless options for treatment, many of which you can receive right on the beach. Patrons can choose from a variety of different body treatments, massages, facials, and nail treatments. You can even set yourself up with a two or three-hour long private spa experience that will make you want to re-define the term “relaxation.”

Russian & Turkish Baths

For a different kind of experience when it comes to pampering, check out Russian & Turkish Baths. This place will make you think you’ve left Miami and been transplanted to ancient Greece, as the facilities include stonewalls and Grecian statues, creating a unique and inviting environment for you to relax. Russian & Turkish baths is home to a variety of saunas, steam rooms, and a slew of other settings to promote relaxation, such as cold-water pools and hydrotherapy. Many of the treatment rooms are large enough for multiple people, turning treatment into a social experience, allowing you to talk with friends or meet new people while giving yourself some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Another hotel with a great spa is the Mandarin Oriental, which is a beautiful Miami hotel right on the water. This place is at the cutting edge of spa treatments, with over a dozen different options, including Thai massage, therapeutic massage, and Ayurvedic holistic body treatment. There are half and full day packages available in private rooms with personal wellness specialists for those who want the utmost level of pampering. Even if you’re looking for something a little more basic, the spa at the Mandarin Oriental has a fitness center, personal trainers available, and classes in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, belly dancing, and more, giving you a world of options.

Seven Seas Spa and Salon

One final place to check out is Seven Seas Spa and Salon. This place is just a few years old, so it has a modern feel with plenty of space and plenty of services. The salon is a wonderful place to treat yourself to a new hairstyle that’s in line with the latest trends. Meanwhile, the spa has an extended menu of massages, facials, and various skin treatments so you’ll feel as good as you look with your new hairstyle. Seven Seas offers half a dozen distinct packages to help you achieve the highest levels of relaxation and comfort, all in one of several beautiful locales, including an outdoor Tiki hut right on the beach.