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  • Here’s Why You Need to Plan an Extended Stay in Miami

    We get it. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of Miami, you won’t want to leave. Whether you’re planning a business trip, temporarily relocating, or just need a little more vacation time, we have the perfect extended stay in Miami. Find your lavish home away from home in Magic City and start living like a local today!

    Learn more about Luxury Rentals Miami Beach and meet our team of experts who will help you find the perfect long-term rental property. Discover Miami from the inside out when you book with Luxury Rentals Miami Beach.

    Explore Long-Term Rentals


    Stay in the heart of Miami during your extended stay. All of our properties are conveniently located near the best restaurants, bars, beaches, and shopping. Stroll over to the nearby ventanita for a morning cup of authentic cafe Cubano. Explore the intricate beauty of the Miami Design District. Or get in your daily cardio on one of Miami’s most popular beaches and causeways. Don’t get stuck on the outside—book your stay in the middle of the action during your next visit.

    Feel at Home

    All of our condos and villas are designed with you in mind. Our condos boast mile-high views of the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic, modern furnishings, full kitchens, sunny terraces, and so much more. Our villas are located in some of the most desirable neighborhoods, such as Venetian Island and North Bay Island. They provide a spacious setting, comfortable for multiple guests, and feature stunning spa pools and views of the Bay.


    Don’t settle for a traditional hotel stay when you could have a secluded, exquisite stay on Miami Beach. Get more for your money with an extended stay through Luxury Rentals Miami Beach. Reimagine vacation dining when you stay in and enjoy the ease of having your own kitchen. Trade the busy hotel pool for your private oasis in your grand villa. Options are endless when you plan a long-term stay in our sunny Miami hotspot.

    Private Living with the Ease of Hotel Amenities

    Not ready to ditch the convenience of hotel life? We won’t let you. Our professional group of concierges is prepared to step in whenever you’re searching for the best Latin restaurants or scheduling a private yoga session. Likewise, they’re ready to step right back out as you enjoy the privacy of a beach-front condo or home. You get the best of both worlds when you plan your long-term stay in Miami with Luxury Rentals Miami Beach.