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  • Sunsets in Miami: 12 Best Spots To Enjoy a Peaceful Evening

    Magnificently situated on the southeast coast, Miami marvels with its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and neighbors The Bahamas, Haiti – a well-known holiday destination. However, while Miami’s beach life, parties, and palm trees are popularly thought of first when considering this incredible city, it’s a shame that its stunning sunsets often go unnoticed. The breathtaking view as the sky changes color is an experience not to be missed!

    If you’re looking for an evening of tranquility and beauty during your Miami vacation rentals, don’t miss the opportunity to witness one of the city’s stunning sunsets. To experience the dazzling sunset Miami offers, you must head onto the rooftop terrace of one of Luxury Rentals Miami Beach’s chic properties. Whether it’s a penthouse for rent Miami or a Miami Beach condo rental, these luxurious spaces are sure not to disappoint! Make your plans wisely to ensure you get all this fantastic destination has in store.

    What Makes Miami’s Sunsets Special?

    Sunsets in Miami are extraordinary, as they often provide a unique and beautiful display of vibrant colors. Enjoying a picturesque sunset over the skyline and ocean creates an unforgettable experience each night – making this spot perfect for those special moments. In addition, Miami’s tropical climate contributes to its breathtaking view of the sky at sunset, allowing for more vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and pink.

    Witnessing a sunset view is nothing short of remarkable. The sky transforms into an awe-inspiring canvas of striking yellow, orange, and red hues that can leave you breathless. So unwind and let your worries drift away with the beauty of this perfect relaxation method after a long day.

    Where to Watch Sunsets in Miami?

    The breathtaking beauty of a Miami sunset is incomparable but even more enjoyable with an all-beef cheeseburger in hand. Who’s up for a cold beer or a refreshing spritz? While there are no hard feelings towards the sun, it is feasible to make a sunset even more spectacular: observe it from one of these breathtaking spots.

    Biscayne Bay Sunset at Lofts

    Embark on a scenic 10-minute ferry ride to get to Fisher Island and be mesmerized by its jaw-dropping bay views! This tropical paradise boasts the largest mangrove estuary in all of Florida, allowing you great outdoor adventure while admiring the local wildlife and the sunsets in Miami.

    The island is renowned for its luminous white beaches and has some of the most luxurious real estates in the country. After a full day of exploration, return to the lofts for one of Miami’s most remarkable sunsets paired with an exquisite glass of wine.


    828 3rd St Miami Beach FL 33139

    Sunset at the South Beach Yacht Club

    The South Beach Yacht Club is home to our most beloved Miami sunset, boasting remarkable ocean views and a majestic skyline downtown. As if that weren’t enough, the astonishingly gorgeous sunsets make it even more memorable! From here, you can marvel at the Atlantic Ocean’s full glory and witness then unforgettable sight of sunsets in Miami.


    1928 Sunset Harbour Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Sunset at the MacArthur Causeway

    MacArthur Causeway is ideal if you’re searching for a romantic, secluded sunset spot. It has gorgeous ocean views and presents breathtaking shots of the stunning purple sky as night falls. Here, you’ll enjoy quiet without interruption or distraction – perfect for capturing postcard-worthy memories of the sunsets in Miami!


    MacArthur Causeway I-395 HIghway Miami Florida

    Sunset at the Biscayne Bayfront Par

    The picturesque view of the pink-hued sunset over Biscayne Bay is a must-see for all visitors to Miami. With its magnificent backdrop, this area provides an unforgettable experience that can be best appreciated with a scenic cruise or stroll around the Bayfront Park. However, for those seeking out some peacefulness, Sunset at Biscayne Bayfront Park is your ideal spot!

    You must be swift, however, as the phenomenon endures for only around 10 minutes. Then, upon witnessing the fading pink sunset, you can proceed to one of the local establishments for a celebratory beverage!


    301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA

    South Pointe Park

    South Pointe Park is a breathtaking oasis in Miami, located south of the famous South Beach. It’s filled with lush greenery and features playgrounds, bubbling water fountains for visitors, and inspiring public art pieces. So whether you want to take a refreshing walk or appreciate the scenery from afar, this park offers something for everyone! There’s also a scenic pier that runs parallel to the jetty.

    View the panoramic views of the South Beach skyline, Government Cut channel, Fisher Island, PortMiami, and Downtown Miami. Regardless of what time it is, the harbor views are always breathtaking. The awe-inspiring sight of large cruise ships steaming in and out becomes even more spectacular when viewed at sunset – pure bliss!


    1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

    Rusty Pelican

    Rusty Pelican is a renowned Miami restaurant boasting breathtaking waterfront views and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning Biscayne Bay and Downtown vistas. With its romantic atmosphere perfect for sunset dining, the Rusty Pelican should be top of your list when looking for an iconic place to eat in Miami. Enhance your picturesque view of the bay with an agave sunset margarita and bask in its glimmering glory.


    3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

    Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    To witness the breathtaking spectacle of the sun sinking into an orange-hued ocean, there is no better setting than the park!


    1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, United States

    Miami Art Museum’s Skyline Roof Deck

    Revel in the breathtaking scenery of Miami from atop the city’s art museum. The rooftop deck provides an exceptional view, spanning the Port of Miami, Biscayne Bay, and beyond to witness incoming and departing cruise ships against a backdrop of captivating skylines. No matter how you turn your head – it’s truly a sight for sore eyes!

    Experience the Art Museum every day of the week – it’s open from 10 am to 5 pm, and admission is free! Then, relax with a cocktail on its stunning rooftop deck before you wander down Biscayne Boulevard, enchanted by scenic views of our waterfront setting.


    Miami’s emerging Allapattah neighborhood

    Sunset Boat Cruise with Jumping Dolphins

    Unwind and enjoy the sunset as you drift along Biscayne Bay with Dolphin Cruise. Gaze in wonder at these majestic creatures as they leap through the waves, a beautiful sight to behold! A unique experience awaits you on this cruise that will remain in your memories forever. Witnessing dolphins leap and frolic in the wild is a great, spellbinding scene.

    Witness the majesty of Miami’s skyline from the water and then linger at the pier for a sundowner. With plenty of bars, restaurants, and good food options, it is a great spot to relish unparalleled beauty as you sip your cocktail with good company! This extraordinary cruise allows you to witness one of Miami’s most stunning sunsets. It is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else!


    1440 NW N River Dr. 1440 NW N River Dr, Miami, FL 33125

    Sunset Harbor

    Set against the stunning downtown Miami skyline, swaying palm trees, and an array of yachts dotting its harbor waters, Sunset Harbor is a picturesque haven to witness one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles – a magnificent sunset. Located in vibrant Miami Beach, this waterfront destination offers unparalleled views you won’t want to miss!

    If you’re ever in Miami, take a few moments and marvel at the stunning sunsets that fill the sky with pink and purple hues from 5:40 pm – 6:10 pm. After, why not head down to Sunset Harbor for some shopping? You’ll find two of our favorite stores there–Shan and The Backroom! After taking in the stunning hues of a setting sun, treat yourself to a night out at NaiYaRa. This Thai restaurant is legendary among locals; Chef Bee has created an array of tempting eats, such as lemongrass soup and traditional curries. If you’re looking for something sweet afterward, head to Icebox Café, where they serve desserts that satisfy any craving.


    1800 – 1900 Sunset Harbour Dr. in South Beach

    Lido Bayside Grill

    For a picturesque sunset experience, come to The Standard’s Lido Bayside Grill, where you can bask in the beauty of beautiful people with bright yellow umbrellas beneath sweeping views of Biscayne Bay. Enjoy an array of delicious small plates and entrees, some healthy and some Latin-inspired. Creative cocktails are also available to complement your meal perfectly! Situated on the Venetian Causeway with breathtaking views of Downtown Miami across the bay, you can take advantage of happy hour pricing until 6 pm to get even more value out of a picturesque sunset experience.


    40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

    Monty’s Sunset

    Monty’s is the perfect place to take in a stunning South Beach sunset due to its expansive outdoor lounge situated directly by the Miami Beach Marina. So experience an unforgettable evening at Monty’s with your loved ones! Nestled amid this eatery is an idyllic pool, which looks so inviting yet sadly seems to be used rarely. If only the seafood served here was as irresistible as its tranquil centerpiece – we’d love to come back more. Despite that, it remains a trustworthy selection for frozen cocktails and fried seafood. Besides, the view is simply picturesque.


    300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Final Thoughts

    Miami is a city filled with beautiful sunsets that will take your breath away. Whether you’re watching them from the waters of Biscayne Bay or lounging by one of the area’s many harbors, there are plenty of spots to witness the beauty and splendor of this magnificent natural phenomenon.

    Miami Beach short-term rental guests have traveled for miles to take in the stunning sunsets the area offers. However, those seeking an ideal spot to enjoy a peaceful evening will find no better places than the ones provided by Luxury Rentals Miami Beach. Along with picturesque ocean and beach vistas, plenty of terraces and rooftop decks throughout these rental properties offer excellent views.