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The Best Vegan Eats in Miami


Finding Vegan options are simple these days, the stigma around vegan food is not as strong as it was even just a few years ago. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are die-hard vegans, Instagram-only vegans, religiously raw vegans, and just about everything else in between. All vegans and vegetarians share a craving for a plant-based, animal-free diet sans meat, dairy, and eggs. In Miami, some of the best vegan restaurants serve burgers that stack up against the best burgers in Miami and veggie sushi that doesn’t lag too far behind the best sushi in Miami. You can find these restaurants in just about every one of Miami’s major neighborhoods and you can feel confident about bringing your friends here—whether they’re vegan or not. Because Vegan is a kind of flavor is undeniable.




900 S Miami Ave #125, Miami, FL 33130

DIRT is probably the cleanest place you can eat in the 305. Watch fast, farm-to-counter food come alive in the form of curried cauliflower bowls, harissa hummus wraps, and almond butter and jam toasts. Menus change seasonally, using only organic and mostly local ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian-specific menus are available, making a meal at DIRT tasty and ridiculously easy.



2341 Collins Ave 6th floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Chef Matthew Kenney’s latest project proves that vegan food can be as quick and convenient as any burger you’ll order at a drive-through joint. Plus, his take on the fast-casual trend boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Miami Beach, beautifully plated desserts and a daily happy hour offering $9 cocktails.The plant-based cafe also features a wide range of smoothies, which can be turned into bowls.  Grab one on your way up to the 1 Hotel’s beautiful rooftop. 



850 Commerce St , Miami 33139

Planta doles out vegan fare, fresh-pressed juice cocktails and veggie sushi, which actually tastes non vegan. Planta in a prime South of Fifth spot is already packing in the designer-clad crowds. Planta’s menu is so varied, approachable (a tall order for plant-based food) and affordable you might consider dining here often. You’ll hardly miss the cheese in the rich queso dip, which subs in carrots and potatoes for the dairy, and find yourself appreciating the real corn flavors in the side of fresh chips. The pizzas, particularly the Frenchie topped with arugula and mushrooms, are at once doughy and crispy but won’t bloat you like regular pies (and they can be ordered gluten-free). Don’t miss the eatery’s selection of fresh-pressed juice cocktails—the Aloe Views with actual aloe vera is like a healthy, fizzy mule—or the vegan desserts.


Love, Life Cafe 

1601 Drexel Ave , Miami 33139

Hard-core plant eaters and even carnivores come to Love Life Cafe to be shocked—in a good way: This colorful Wynwood restaurant creates vegan dishes with ingredients that blow both minds and taste buds. Thank Chef Diego Tosoni, whose plant-based menu of delicious yet familiar dishes packs in goodness alongside big flavor, from creamy macaroni and cheese and the filling plant-power arepa to the decadent brownies. There is so much flavor this place manages to create from veggies, so whatever your dietary preferences, expect something incredibly scrumptious.


Glam Vegan 

3301 NE 1st Ave , Suite 103-1, Miami 33137 

Green living animals matter,  the word is an acronym for the eatery’s mission. Chef Todd Erickson and interior designer Janette Miller set out to create a new style of vegan restaurant, one where the vibe is more glam than granola. Boating an entirely plant-based menu and a dining room that’s sleek and modern, GLAM has won over diners with affordable, elevated dishes that are packed with flavor. If it’s your first time trying vegan order of the jackfruit taco al pastor, which could fool any carnivore into thinking they’re eating pork.


Delicious Raw 

1828 Bay Rd , Miami 33139 

Delicious Raw’s has six locations and is arguably Miami’s healthiest neighborhood where veggie and plant-based eats rule the season. Still, this Florida chain stands out thanks to a short, straightforward menu of vegan favorites featuring fresh ingredients and dishes that are made from scratch. Stop in for breakfast and trying one of the acai bowls topped with fresh fruit, hemp seeds and granola. Or get the Nobl burger and vegan pad Thai if your craving something savory and satisfying, both are the way to go. Pressed juices and nut-based coffee drinks are also on tap.