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  • The Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami

    There are die-hard vegans, Instagram-only vegans, religiously raw vegans, and everything else in between. All vegans and vegetarians share a craving for a plant-based, animal-free diet sans meat, dairy, and eggs.

    Some of the best vegan restaurants in Miami serve burgers that stack up against the best burgers in Miami and veggie sushi that doesn’t lag too far behind the best sushi in Miami. You can find these restaurants in just about one of Miami’s central neighborhoods. So you can feel confident about bringing your friends here—whether they’re vegan or not.

    Because vegan is a kind of flavor is undeniable.

    Thatch Miami

    3255 NE 1st Ave Miami, 33137
    Thatch Miami, a vast and vibrantly pink plant-based vegan restaurant in Midtown, delivers dishes made with high-energy superfoods and locally sourced ingredients.

    The airy dining room serves dinner, while the restaurant’s adjacent market serves a more informal lunch throughout the day. A dinner is a sit-down event rather than a takeaway business here. You’re undecided about visiting a market, a tavern, or a restaurant. Thatch has everything.

    The fried cauliflower, which goes nicely with the spicy mango sauce on the table, is one of the beautiful dishes on their somewhat odd menu. Choose from a selection of 17 expertly made drinks. Enjoy Thatch’s private dining experience or place an online order for scrumptious take-out dishes like kung pao tofu or a crispy mushroom sandwich.


    2341 Collins Ave 6th floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Chef Matthew Kenney’s latest project proves that vegan food can be as quick and convenient as any burger you order at a drive-through joint. His take on the fast-casual trend boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Miami Beach, beautifully plated desserts, and a daily happy hour offering $9 cocktails.

    The plant-based cafe also features a wide range of smoothies, which can be turned into bowls. Grab one on your way up to the 1 Hotel’s beautiful rooftop. Whether you choose plant-based food or other locally produced organic delicacies for any dietary requirement, Plnthouse is home to 1 Hotel South Beach’s healthiest cuisines.

    Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or a quick smoothie after the gym with an ocean view. Make your bowl or a bespoke wrap with the finest local ingredients! Plnthouse is the ideal South Beach hideaway for grabbing a snack to go, eating poolside, or lounging on the terrace (with an ocean view!).


    850 Commerce St, Miami 33139
    Planta doles out vegan fare, fresh-pressed juice cocktails, and veggie sushi, which tastes non-vegan. In a prime South of Fifth spot, Planta is already packing in the designer-clad crowds.

    Planta’s cuisine is diverse, accessible, and reasonable (a tough order for plant-based meals). So you may want to come back often. You won’t miss the cheese in this thick queso dip, which replaces it with carrots and potatoes, and you’ll appreciate the natural corn tastes served with fresh chips.

    The pizzas, particularly the Frenchie with arugula and mushrooms, are doughy and crispy yet won’t make you feel bloated like typical pies (and they can be ordered gluten-free). The vegan pastries and fresh-pressed juice drinks (the Aloe Views with genuine aloe vera is like a healthy, fizzy mule) are not to be missed.

    Planta, a Toronto restaurant with Miami Beach and West Palm Beach, is one of the most popular plant-based restaurants in South Florida. The restaurant, led by head chef David Lee, reinvents traditional cuisine using fruits and vegetables, from sushi to burgers. Cauliflower “tater” tots, ceviche prepared with coconut instead of seafood, and creamy bucatini with zucchini spirals are the highlights.

    Is it possible that this is one of the most popular dishes? A meatless burger with black beans, mashed lentils, and beetroot, topped with a gooey vegan “cheese” made of carrots and potatoes. Have you started drooling yet?

    Love, Life Cafe

    1601 Drexel Ave, Miami 33139
    Hard-core plant eaters and even carnivores come to Love Life Cafe to be shocked—in a good way: This colorful Wynwood restaurant creates vegan dishes with ingredients that blow both minds and taste buds. Thank Chef Diego Tosoni, whose plant-based menu of delicious yet familiar dishes packs in goodness alongside big flavor, from creamy macaroni and cheese and the filling plant-power arepa to the decadent brownies.

    There is so much flavor this place manages to create from veggies, so whatever your dietary preferences, expect something incredibly delicious. The Wynwood eatery has been dishing up some of the city’s most fabulous vegan fare at rates that are distinctly non-vegan. Do you need further confirmation that this area is on another level?

    Order the veggie burger made to perfection by Diego Tosoni, the chef and partner. Many carnivores have been blown away by the superfood patty (topped with fresh guac, pickles, plant-based cheddar, kale, and cilantro aioli). It is, hands down, the tastiest vegetarian burger in the city and, we’d wager, the whole state.

    Love Life has also created tasty vegan burritos, filling arepas, and pizza. The vibrant shop’s laid-back vibe makes it a great location to visit. So it’s no surprise that Love Life is constantly packed with regulars and yogis who have a healthy fascination with it.

    Manna Life Food

    80 NE 2nd Ave Alfred Dupont Building, Miami, FL 33132
    Manna Life Food is about vegan, gluten-free food created from scratch regularly. Avocado arepas, plant-powered bowls with quinoa, tofu, and vegetables, and waffles with berries and coconut whipped cream are the savory and sweet items on the all-day menu. Please give us one of each.

    Manna Life Food makes it simple to accept the idea that we are what we eat by delivering meals that feed both mind and body. So, what’s the deal? Superfoods, nutrient-dense seeds, beans, greens, and berries may be found in almost every cuisine, drink, and cold-pressed juice.

    Everything on the menu is created in-house, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, and it tastes fantastic. Ground corn, chia, and golden flax seeds are used in a superfood version of the classic Venezuelan arepa cooked in coconut oil. Have one with cashew-nut cheese and roasted red peppers for a healthy alternative to pizza.

    Delicious Raw

    1828 Bay Rd, Miami 33139
    Delicious Raw has six locations and is arguably Miami’s healthiest neighborhood, where veggie and plant-based eats rule the season. Still, this Florida chain stands out thanks to a short, straightforward menu of vegan favorites featuring fresh ingredients and dishes made from scratch.

    Stop in for breakfast and try one of the acai bowls topped with fresh fruit, hemp seeds, and granola. Or get the Nobel burger and vegan pad, Thai. If you are craving something savory and satisfying, both are the way to go. Pressed juices and nut-based coffee drinks are also on tap.

    Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar’s aim is to deliver cuisine that is delicious and healthy. The plant-based menu continually develops to keep on the leading edge of healthy haute cuisine. Furthermore, the ingredients are always acquired, focusing on quality, freshness, and ecologically friendly agricultural techniques. It’s never tasted so delicious to eat healthily!

    Anyone trying to better their health and quality of life will find Delicious Raw a paradise. Their health injections deliver targeted nutritional boosts throughout the day. They also produce delectable meal and snack choices and delightful, high-nutrient juices and smoothies prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Miami is a city that loves its vegan and healthy eats, with plenty of restaurants to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something more filling, we’ve got you covered. From arepas to waffles, pizza to burgers, these places will have you spoilt for choice for plant-based cuisine.

    So while staying in one of Miami Beach vacation rentalsvillas for rent in MiamiMiami vacation rentalsluxury short-term rentals Miami, or Miami penthouse for rent, make sure to visit these restaurants and enjoy a vegan and healthy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Dig in!