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  • Things to do in Fort Lauderdale with Kids

    Although Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is famous for its luxurious mansions, massive yachts, and stunning beaches, it is also an excellent destination for families. Moreover, there are family-friendly attractions and numerous delightful things to do in Fort Lauderdale that children can engage in, making it an ideal destination for a family holiday.

    Visit Fort Lauderdale. They offer various activities that families with kids and teens can enjoy together. These include outdoor water sports and activities, indoor games and attractions, and the beautiful beachside scenery the city is known for.

    From short-term rentals Miami to extravagant Miami penthouses for rent, there are many options at your fingertips. Imagine relaxing with your entire family in a spacious Miami condo rental vacation property after a day of fun-filled activities in Fort Lauderdale. Spending time with your loved ones this way is the perfect opportunity to relax and build lifelong memories.

    Everglades Alligator Airboat Tour

    If you’re in Fort Lauderdale with kids, go on the Florida Everglades boat tour. You’ll have a memorable experience zipping across the water and stopping to see wild alligators in their natural habitat during an excursion at the Sawgrass Recreation Park.

    Captain Disco, the airboat ride captain at Sawgrass Recreation Park, warned us about the dangers of taking close-up photos of alligators by putting our hands in the water or agitating them. Therefore, he advised us to keep our hands and body parts inside the boat for safety measures. Remember to visit the rescued wild animal exhibits after your guided boat tour. You’ll see iguanas, peacocks, tortoises, and even a 1,000-pound alligator named Cannibal!

    Las Olas Boulevard

    As you go, take a leisurely walk along Las Olas Boulevard and discover trendy art galleries, stylish fashion boutiques, and delightful ice cream parlors. This street links Downtown Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale Beach. The vibrant ambiance and charming displays reminded me of Lahaina in Maui or the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, offering plenty of visual treats and a lively atmosphere.

    Making reservations ahead of time for sit-down meals in this highly sought-after location. You’ll have a selection of mouth-watering cuisines, including seafood, barbecue, deli, Mexican, Asian, Italian, and others.

    Fort Lauderdale Beaches

    The beach is a must-visit for families in greater Fort Lauderdale, as it is one of the main attractions. Fort Lauderdale has 24 miles of sandy beaches, making finding one that suits your needs easy.

    Eat Fresh Seafood

    If you’re looking for seafood during your family vacation in Fort Lauderdale, head to 15th Street Fisheries by the Lauderdale Marina on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a family fun and a place to enjoy your fish meal.

    The Fisheries Dockside has a casual atmosphere and offers live entertainment on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. However, if you want a more upscale dining experience, you can dine on the upper level by making a reservation in advance. You can also purchase shrimp from the onsite dock store and feed large tarpon fish for a unique and unforgettable experience. These fish jump out of the harbor water to grab the treats!

    Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

    Take a budget-friendly hop-on-hop-off boat tour and explore the picturesque canals of Fort Lauderdale, also known as the “Venice of the U.S.” The tour covers 15 miles of waterways and offers a chance to observe the multimillion-dollar mansions of the affluent, with their impressive mega-yachts docked outside. In addition, the crew will share interesting Florida facts and history during the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi. 

    You can buy beverages and snacks, including alcoholic drinks, for parents. This may be especially attractive for parents wanting to go bar-hopping during happy hour without their children.

    Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beaches

    Victoria Heinz from Guide Your Travel suggests that Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach are great places to visit with older kids near Fort Lauderdale. These beaches offer parking facilities, several restaurants, and small shops for exploration.

    The water is usually calm and suitable for swimming. You could try paddleboarding or jet skiing if you’re an older kid. Younger kids can play in the sand.

    Deerfield Beach has a pier nearby that you can access for a small fee. The dock is a great spot to watch the sunset and grab dinner with your family.

    Eat Fresh Seafood

    Because Fort Lauderdale is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, including seafood in your family vacation meals is a great idea. For an enjoyable dining experience that includes fish, go to 15th Street Fisheries, located on the waterfront at Lauderdale Marina.

    The Fisheries Dockside has a casual atmosphere and offers live entertainment on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To have a formal dining experience, you can go upstairs. It’s recommended to make reservations.

    For a memorable experience, purchase shrimp from the dock store located onsite. You can feed large tarpon fish who jump out of the harbor water to grab their treats!

    Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise

    According to Shelley Marmor from Travel Mexico Solo, a fun way to explore Fort Lauderdale’s waterways is to ride the Jungle Queen Riverboat. The Jungle Queen Riverboat has been providing cruises in South Florida since 1935 and is a sight to behold with its two-story, red, white, and blue vintage design.

    There are two options available: daytime sightseeing cruise and dinner cruise. Marmor suggests going for the more entertaining evening cruises, consisting of a nighttime cruise with a variety show that includes Polynesian fire dancers, a magician, and more.

    Jungle Island offers an all-you-can-eat dinner on their private island during a 6-10 pm cruise. This experience may be more enjoyable for older children.

    Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

    Join Bluefoot Pirate Adventures for a fun-filled pirate experience on the water. The adventure starts on land, where kids dress up and apply temporary tattoos. Once on the boat, young pirates will make a new river, search for treasure and use water cannons to fight Barnacle Bill, the villain. Parents can enjoy the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway views, while children between 3 and 10 can join the excursion.

    Shopping at Sawgrass Mills

    When returning from Flamingo Gardens or Sawgrass Recreation Park, stop at Sawgrass Mills. It’s the biggest Fort Lauderdale shopping mall outlet in the U.S., with over 350 stores. These stores include 70 luxury brands, such as Coach, Versace, Gucci, and Kate Spade. In addition, you can visit stores like LEGO, Carter’s, and GameStop to buy fun things for kids. Remember to take a picture with the painted alligator statues, which will be a lovely photo opportunity!

    Sawgrass Mills is an excellent place to eat, as many restaurants are available onsite. You can find affordable and fast food options at the food court. However, you prefer a more leisurely dining experience. You can select from various restaurants, including Healthy Seasons 52, Rainforest Café, suitable for kids, Cheesecake Factory, and its partner restaurant Grand Lux Café.

    Young at Art Museum

    The Young at Art Museum is a great place to visit if you’re a teenager or a child interested in exploring art and creativity. The museum features various exhibits such as WonderScapes, Knight Gallery, GreenScapes, Bedlam Lorenz Assembly, ArtScapes, and CultureScapes, all of which are interactive exhibits and showcases different art forms.


    Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic destination for families with kids looking for an exciting vacation. With its picturesque beaches, stunning natural beauty, and numerous attractions, Fort Lauderdale always has something to do. But why settle for accommodation when you can elevate your vacation with a Luxury Rental Miami Beach? Offers Miami vacation rentals with a wide range of options, including penthouses for rent in Miami with stunning ocean views, full kitchens, and plenty of space for the whole family.

    Picture beginning your day with a swim in the pool, then embarking on a day of exploration in Fort Lauderdale, and concluding with a meal at one of the excellent restaurants in the vicinity.