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  • 5 Best Pool Parties in Miami 2019

    Miami is a city famous for its party scene, and there are plenty of great pool parties to be found here. So if you’re looking for a place to cool off and have some fun in the sun while staying in one of the villas for rent in MiamiMiami vacation rentals, or penthouse for rent Miami, check out these five best pool parties in Miami.

    1 Hotel South Beach Rooftop

    2341 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl.

    If you’re looking to make the most out of your pool time, you can’t go wrong with being on a rooftop. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views Miami offers alongside an upscale bar and music compliments of some of the best local DJs.

    You might opt to hang around at this location on the weekends to increase your chances of being invited to the party. The vast entertainment at the 1 Hotel South Beach, which includes a magician’s show, is available to guests. Its one-of-a-kind approach to throwing parties is characterized by a deluge of refreshing fruit drinks and a carefully orchestrated theme.

    The pool parties at 1 Hotel provide a more wholesome alternative to the toxic mountain dew and junk food that is often seen at other establishments. It is packed to the brim with all of the happiness and zeal you have been searching for. Only fresh fruit juices are used in the preparation of the drinks. The achievement of a complete South Spa Cuisine is that it offers you a variety of options while yet maintaining its commitment to providing healthy food.

    Not every new pool party revolves only around the activities of drinking sugary beverages and playing in the water. The finest pool parties in Miami are hosted by a single hotel, which maintains this arrangement so that guests may continue to get vitamin D from the sun. In comparison, you inhale clean air from the ocean’s waves, and the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you serves as a visual feast for your eyes.

    Clevelander South Beach

    1020 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, Fl.

    Are you the person who wants to have a good time at the pool throughout the week? Yes, to make your dream come true, you need to go to Clevelander Beach Pool Party. Then, you will no longer have any guilt associated with the fact that you did not attend the weekend festivities.

    You will feel like you’re on top of the world once you start attending Clevelander’s parties. It offers the guests an unforgettable experience by providing every imaginable place to relax and exceptional entertainment for those who like being naughty. It is possible to attend one of Miami’s most popular pool parties at this venue, which is open every day.

    In contrast to all other Clevelanders, this Clevelander Hotel offers discounted rates for its services and amenities. As a result, it makes everyone more open and humble, especially the folks who are the most well-known figures in the city.

    You’ve probably driven by the Clevelander when you were showing tourists around town, but you may have believed you were too hip to stop in at the South Beach landmark. However, you have to admit that spending the day acting like a tourist would be fun. Drink promotions, DJs, dancers, and other forms of entertainment are offered on weekends at the Clevelander.

    The Clevelander’s pool is available to the public and free of charge every day from 11 am until dusk. The Clevelander’s staff wants you to socialize with visitors from out of town. There are many people at this location on Memorial Day, but if you’re going to meet some new people and have a drink with them, come here on any other weekend.

    Fontainebleau Miami Beach

    4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl.

    From Friday through Sunday at midday, guests of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach may visit the Arkadia Day Club until the nighttime hours of 7:00 pm. The Arkadia basement club events of the past are not comparable to the gatherings at the day club. However, it has a breathtaking panorama all around the club and a great pool on the premises.

    Because of this characteristic, it is often considered to carry the glory of the city’s most exclusive club pool party. The regular DJ K Razor’s musical performance on the dance floor encourages partygoers to get more involved in the celebration. All hotel guests are welcome to use the club. In addition, outside of the pool’s waters, anybody may reserve a daybed or cabana for themselves.

    The opulent Fontainebleau Hotel is a landmark in the city of Miami. The beachfront resort may be most known for its nightclub called LIV, but it also has eight impressive swimming pools for guests to enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing swim in one of the picture-perfect Oasis pools or the distinctive Bowtie pool, which was created to imitate the architect of the Fontainebleau, Morris Lapidus’s favorite accessory.

    Access to the pools is available to anyone who is not staying at the hotel by buying a spa treatment or renting one of the several luxury daybeds or cabana choices, the most expensive of which is the Island Cabana located in the center of the pool and costs up to $1,000 per day.

    Arkadia Day Club is a “tropical oceanside playground” that caters only to adults and organizes themed pool parties every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 7 pm, with rhythms provided by resident DJ K-Razor. However, suppose you want to go all out. In that case, you can spend on a private Ultra Cabana, which comes with personal attendants and a 46-inch flat-screen TV for $550 from Monday through Thursday and varies depending on the day of the week on the weekends.

    Hyde Beach at The SLS Hotel

    1701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl.

    The Hotel Hyde of SLS South Beach is the only site in South Beach where events are held just on Saturdays and Sundays. During the pool parties from midday till nightfall at this recreational location, the guests are kept entertained.

    It features a pool party in the manner of Las Vegas, complete with a rabble that is barely dressed throughout the event. The swimming pool will be filled with massive balloons that float along with tires. People who are always making last-minute preparations to go out at night seldom admit that they spend their days here. Everyone who enjoys going out to parties eagerly anticipates the magnificent event of the Hotel Hyde pool party.

    A procession of young women makes their way to the pool deck to spray the assembled company with their preferred champagne. As a result, the people do not ever have to step away from the pool to purchase them individually. It helps the clients feel like royalty and gives them an experience that makes them feel unique.

    You do not have any more time to worry about anything. There is, in fact, electronic dance music on Saturdays and hip hop on Sundays. Hotel Hyde is the place to go to get your party on this summer with their pool parties.

    Shore Club South Beach

    1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl.

    All those who like going to Miami pool parties will find that two infinity pools always packed with people are the place to be. The natives of Miami, in addition to the tourists that visit the city, always manage to find their way back into this Sunday shock wave. Hundreds of people attend the weekly pool party at the Shore Club due to the DJ performance there.

    The excitement starts around one in the afternoon and continues until after sunset. Daybeds are available at the Shore Club Pool Party. The refreshing trademark beverages distinguish the venue served there. Taking this into consideration, they provide a selection of brunch options in their Mexican restaurants. When mixed with a few items from the Mezcal cart, the party’s authenticity is brought into a little more sharp focus.

    At the Shore Club, one of the most challenging choices you’ll have to make is when to take your first dip in one of the two raised pools that have infinity edges. Naturally, your unique characteristics will determine the best response. For example, if you want to lay about more relaxed, you will probably choose the pool closest to the hotel.

    The atmosphere almost screams “relax” thanks to the humongous tufted beds and the bright and airy design modeled by Miami’s traditional all-white minimalism. However, suppose you have a higher tolerance for risk. In that case, there’s a good possibility you’ll take a swim in the pool that’s situated the closest to the shore.

    When you get near to the beach, you’ll see banana boats and Jet Skis tearing over the water. Rumbar is a place where you may have the best of both worlds since it is situated between the pools and has sheer curtains. However, the pool is reserved only for hotel guests and clients of the Shore Club Spa; thus, you will require to make a reservation or indulge in a day at the spa.

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