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Unexpected Places to See in Miami


Sure, Miami is a terrific place to have fun. Beautiful people, amazing weather and inspiring culture and architecture abound.

There are the waterfront and beach for an almost limitless choice of water sports and boat tours. There are the usual tourist attractions like zoos and water parks. But vacations in Miami can be so much more when you include some unexpected places to see. Here are some interesting, educational, beautiful and even inspiring unexpected places to visit you may otherwise miss.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Are you inspired by architecture? There's more to Miami than Art Deco. Visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is like entering an extravagant European style paradise at 3251 South Miami Avenue. This renovated estate features manicured grounds in a picturesque location. Enjoy art exhibits and take a stroll through the awe-inspiring gardens. This National Historic Landmark also plays host to a series of events throughout the year including a film series and moonlight tours of the gardens.

Art Center South Florida

The Art Center South Florida is more than just a local art gallery. Yes, you'll find the amazing work of talented, local artists in this beautiful space, but you can also learn more about the art of making jewelry, drawing, photography and more. It is where you can spend an entire day enjoying this part of Miami that includes cafes and eateries. New exhibits are usually accompanied by an introductory brunch. You'll discover this unexpected treasure at 924 Lincoln Road at Suite 205.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Why would you visit Miami to go to a State Park? Well, while other beaches may be crowded and a space for a blanket hard to find, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is a bit of a soft sand oasis. To get to this pristine beach one needs to travel to the end of Key Biscayne on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Once there you can swim, kayak, snorkel or just take in the more laid back atmosphere. Be sure to include a tour of the lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's quarters while there.

Wynwood Arts District

This former warehouse district in Miami has emerged as one of the centers of the arts in the city. The Wynwood Arts Districts include dozens of galleries the Wynwood Wall, a collection of graffiti art of local artists and a series of annual events, concerts, and festivals. Because of its growing popularity, the Wynwood Arts District may not be considered “unexpected” by some, but it is certainly worth making part of your visit. Even only those casually interested in the arts will find the works of art and amazing food in the district distinct and enjoyable.

If you are planning a luxury vacation house in rental Miami, it is always best to plan far enough ahead. The city features a number of luxury properties and hotels for even the most discriminating. Once you have your accommodations, adding some unusual and unexpected side trips can help make your visit more memorable. Step beyond the clubs and nightlife of South Beach and explore some of Miami's hidden treasures that many visitors just simply miss.