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  • Where to Get Local Miami Gifts

    While you can’t quite package sun, but you can pack sand and sea to take back in your suitcase. You could also pick up some local goodies to remember Miami by at souvenir shops.


    Whether you are a sophisticated cigar aficionado or a stogie newbie, in Miami you have hit a tobacco puffer’s paradise! From the popular Monte Cristos and Cohibas, to unknown locally hand-rolled sticks, there is a treasure trove of authentic cigars waiting to be lit up. Add to that a line of beautifully crafted humidors, cigar cutters and presentation boxes, and you have a cigar lover’s idea of paradise. Buy an individual stick to puff away or buy a bundle to take back home. Either way, from now on, every time you smell a cigar, it will take you right back to that bustling street, which is quintessential Miami.

    For an authentic cigar-smoking experience, head to Little Havana’s Calle Ocho (8th Street) where you will find a plethora of cigar stores, all complete with the ubiquitous scowling wooden Indian with the exotic headdress.

    Wynwood Letterpress

    Inviting customers to “celebrate every random Tuesday,” Wynwood Letterpress will make your shopping experience special. Handmade cards emblazoned with the message “Greetings from Wynwood,” vintage-style motel key rings bearing the names of South Florida neighborhoods, and alligator-shaped clips are just a sampling of this paper goods supplier’s offerings.

    Where to find it:

    Wynwood Letterpress

    2621 NW 2nd Ave #21, Miami, FL, USA

    +1 305-747-7559

    Local Jams and Honey

    Take home the sweet flavor of this tropical paradise. In Miami, you will find a range of exotic fruit jams, preserves and honey that will transform your regular slice of bread or bagel into a gourmet affair. From honeybell preserves and vidalia onion sweet relish to key lime, amaretto or wildflower honey, you will find something to satisfy everyone’s sweet craving.

    Happily, these sweet delights are easy to carry and easy to find. If you happen to be strolling down Miami Beach’s famous Lincoln Road on Sunday, head to the Lincoln Road Farmers Market for a plethora of delicious treats.

    Where to find it:

    Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market

    Lincoln Road, Between Meridian Avenue and Washington Avenue

    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Every Sunday from 9 AM – 6:30 PM, year round.

    Otherwise, on your way to Key West, stop by a Florida institution, Robert is Here, Fruit Stand and Farm, in Homestead. It will be an experience like none other. You can indulge in a Tamarindo milkshake, eat some Carambola, marvel at an Ugli Fruit, and stock up on locally-made jams, jellies and relishes. If you can’t do either, don’t worry. You can buy your quota of Miami jams and honeys at stores, such as Sedano’s Supermarket, that use the local farmers as their source. No matter where you get it from, your gift recipients will have a sweet disposition towards you for a long time!

    Española Way

    Need a vacation from your vacation? Tucked away in the Miami Beach area is Española Way, a pedestrian-friendly pocket dotted with European-style cafés, restaurants, and live entertainment. Known for being a gangster hub during Al Capone’s reign, the street’s new claim to fame is its weekend craft market. Featuring original work by Hispanic artists, traditional South American garb, and handmade jewelry, all of the finds at this outdoor fair boast a Latin flair befitting Miami.

    Where to find it:

    Española Way, Miami Beach, FL, USA


    While visiting Miami, you’ve likely noticed the local bounty of art hung up in galleries, encased in museums, and covering just about every public wall in sight. Surprisingly, much of this work can be attributed to one man: David Le Batard, or as he’s known in the art world, Lebo. Creating the most stylish souvenirs the city has to offer, the South Florida native sells everything from art-printed snapbacks to stained-glass paintings at his Miami Beach store. Endorsed by local giants such as the Miami Heat and Gloria Estefan, Lebo’s work is a perfect fit for Magic City-loving shoppers.

    Where to find it:

    Lebo 1674 Meridian Ave Suite 110 Miami Beach, FL, USA +1 305-763-8319