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  • Places in Miami to Break a Sweat

    From cycling, boxing, and yoga to CrossFit and boot camps, the city is swarming with numerous places in Miami to break a sweat. These are the best boutique fitness studios to try a class while you are in the town, from losing weight or getting your chakras in order. This is where you will want to sweat, train, recover, have fun, learn and enjoy all that the fitness community in Miami has to offer.

    Barrys Bootcamp

    1835 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach

    This celebrity-backed boot camp was a perfect match for South Beach with its plethora of hot trainers (renowned in their own right) and taut-and-trim clientele whose good looks only challenge their endurance in class. Celebrities also sponsored the boot camp. Treadmill and weight training to target various muscle parts occur concurrently, and the workouts are conducted by teachers who are demanding yet encouraging. It is remarkable how they can maintain tabs on both sides of the class without missing a beat. If you find that thirty minutes of jogging at your maximum pace tires you out, give yourself a boost at the juice bar before you hobble back to your vehicle.

    Soul Cycle

    360 San Lorenzo Ave, Coral Gables
    2325 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 –
    25 SW 9th St g102, Miami, FL 33131

    Many people have compared a cycling session at SoulCycle to a visit to a therapist because of how cathartic the entire experience feels. SoulCycle is an addictive fitness empire that takes spinning to new levels, with wild, energetic instructors, calorie-torching choreography, and playlists filled with songs you lose yourself in. The waiting room is crowded, and just before class begins, there is a frantic rush in the locker area to put your belongings away. Although this may be a bit unsettling, nobody seems to complain. You may owe the unexpected warmth of SoulCycle’s hospitality for the burst of endorphins that it offers.

    Jet Set Pilates

    401 NW 26th St, Miami

    This is not your average Pilates class; it’s called JetSet. A core-crushing workout that incorporates cardio, weight training, and Pilates, this specific muscle-lengthening exercise is conducted on a megaformer machine, almost twice as large as a typical reformer. Sessions are often attended by fit women whose slender bodies appear to glide on the carriage as they push, pull, lunge, and squat in ways that conventional Pilates does not permit. Sessions are kept small. In addition to its flagship location in Coral Gables, JetSet Miami also operates studios in North Miami, Miami Beach, and Sunset Harbour.

    Element Aqua

    6200 NE 4th Ct, Miami

    The trendy and cutting-edge fitness center is known for its “aqua cycling” classes, essentially an underwater version of spin classes. The length of the classes is between 45 and 55 minutes. Customers are requested to bring a swimming suit and aquatic shoes, which may be purchased at the studio where Element is held. After your exercise, you may freshen yourself in one of the private showers that are accessible. Other programs include the “Aqua Power” circuit, which focuses on building strength and coordination. In addition, there is a program for expecting mothers that concentrates on meditation.

    Fit Box Method

    1756 North Bayshore Dr, Miami

    The Fitbox Method is a high-intensity, 60-minute workout that, like Orange Theory and Barry’s Bootcamp, focuses on combining cardio and strength training in order to achieve the dual goals of reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. You should try this one rather than the others since it offers additional relief from tension. Cardio here consists of a thirty-minute boxing session supervised by enthusiastic teachers who correct your technique and keep you motivated. This replaces the traditional method of cardio, which involves running in place on a treadmill.

    Sweat 440

    1916 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Always late to spin class? Then Sweat440 at Sunset Harbour could be the exercise for you. This 40-minute session mixes weights, cardio, and high-intensity interval training and begins every 10 minutes, so no one is ever late, simply early for the next round. Students do three different activities at each of the four stations. Each circuit stop is timed (a buzzer and a countdown clock remind you when to move) and includes a TV with demonstrations of activities such as squats or a cruel kettlebell workout. Then, if you still have no idea what you’re doing or where you should go next, trainers, like co-founders and Sweat400 fixtures Matt Miller and Cody Patrick, will come around to lead the way and correct your form.

    Legacy Fit

    77 NE 24th St, Miami

    #NoDaysOff is more than just a slogan. It’s a mantra for Legacy Fit owner Manning Summer and his team of trainers who run this neighborhood boot camp gym. Workouts are tough—consisting of outdoor runs, weightlifting, and circuit training—but think twice before quitting. If the camaraderie among classmates doesn’t encourage you to keep going, then the wrath from them might. The entire class must run laps for every straggler who fails to complete a workout. Talk about motivation!

    Miami’s Kickboxing studios

    CKO Kickboxing Miami

    151 SW 7th St Miami, FL 33130

    CKO Kickboxing Miami is at the top of the list. The gym has the highest Yelp rating in Miami, with five stars out of 47 reviews.

    This family-owned firm promotes diversity and a welcoming environment. With kicks and punches, it employs full-weight bags to burn fat, relieves stress, and tone up. Each member may work at their speed because there are expert and beginner levels. The well-known CKO class is a one-hour full-body exercise.

    KO Zone

    301 NW 54th St Miami, FL 33127

    The Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and muay Thai venue have proved to be a local favorite, receiving five stars out of 26 Yelp reviews.

    This gym, which opened in 2005, trains police enforcement, professional fighters, and everyday athletes. The hard-core gym offers cardio courses, MMA, CrossFit, and tactical training. Personal training and classes for children are also provided.

    The Cage Boxing Club

    1060 Brickell Ave Mezzanine Fl Miami, FL 33131

    According to the website, “all teachers are seasoned fighters with a significant curriculum,” and “students from all experience levels, from novices to competitors,” are welcome at The Cage Boxing Club.

    Participants learn numerous heavy bag combinations as mitt and pad work are utilized to maximize technical teachings and boost fitness and endurance in this popular 60-minute exercise. Boot camps and other physical training programs are also offered, as are one-on-one personal training sessions.

    Overall, Miami is a great place to stay fit, and there are plenty of options for working out, no matter what your preference is. So whether you are staying in one of the villas for rent in MiamiMiami vacation rentalsshort-term rentals Miami, or Miami penthouse for rent for vacation, make sure you try one of these places to stay fit and healthy. So get out there and start sweating!