Miami’s Venetian Pool is a Special Place

If you’ve never enjoyed a day at the Venetian Pool, you don’t know what you’re missing, and whether you’ve been there or not, you’ll want to visit one of the quintessential Miami hotspots when he re-opens this month. So what makes Venetian Pool such a special place?

Large, Freshwater Pool

Even if you have your own pool, it’s not as nice as a trip to the Venetian Pool. In fact, even some of the best pools at Miami’s many five-star hotels can’t compare to the Venetian Pool. It is the largest freshwater pool in the country, with fresh water being supplied daily from artesian wells. Swimming in freshwater is simply a different experience than swimming anywhere else. The water is cool, crystal clear, and chemical free, and swimming in an ordinary pool, or even the ocean, just can’t compare to the feeling of a freshwater pool. Both kids and adults alike will have plenty of room to roam and use the pool for their favorite water activity, whether it be swimming laps, playing games, or just relaxing and enjoying the feeling of the water on your skin.

Beautiful Surroundings

In addition to providing a unique swimming experience, Venetian Pool also has magnificent surroundings. There is a waterfall that will make you feel like you’re swimming out in nature, miles from civilization. Venetian Pool also features a beautiful grotto with all-natural caves that guests are free to explore at their leisure. Even if you tire out from too much swimming, you’ll be more than happy to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by the Venetian Pool.

Perfect for Special Events

Whether you’re having a birthday party, family reunion, or just need an excuse to have a pool party, Venetian Pool provides the perfect location and can accommodate a party of up to 35 people. The pool is so big that there is plenty of space for both large parties and guests who have come in off the street without the pool becoming too crowded. Pre-arranged parties at Venetian Pool get their own area either on the patio or beach, a decent meal, and free range to enjoy the pool. Venetian Pool can even be rented after hours for a wedding or private event. Between the pool, the waterfalls, and the palm trees, Venetian Pool is a beautiful setting for whatever special occasion you want to celebrate.