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  • Top 7 Best Pool Parties in South Beach

    Miami is a place that is well-known for its beaches and sun. However, there’s more to look out for down South than the beach – it has some of the most beautiful pool parties in South Beach from which people can enjoy the sun, dance in the water, swim in cool shades of blue, and participate in music events! Here are the top 7 best pool parties in South Beach that you cannot miss out on.

    Pool Parties in South Beach

    Mondrian South Beach Hotel

    Mondrian South Beach is located on the glamorous West Avenue in Miami Beach. The hotel features an expansive pool deck overlooking Biscayne Bay. The hotel also has a private beach club, so you can dip in the ocean or relax in a cabana by the pool.

    On the west side of South Beach is the Mondrian, which is home to one of the best sunset views in Miami and has the perfect pool to host pool parties in South Beach on the weekends. Saturday afternoons, you’ll enjoy the pool with fantastic house music in the background, while on Sunday, you’ll get a combination of reggae and classic hip-hop, so take your pick on which day suits you better.

    Of course, if you’re not a guest, you’ll have to spend at least $50 on food and cold drinks, but that’s a small price to pay for a day at such an exceptional pool with a great party atmosphere.

    Address: 1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139

    Freehand Miami Beach

    The Freehand Broken Shaker Hotel is a popular place for spending their Sunday afternoons. Sundays are open from 2 to 7 p.m., according to the schedule. When it comes to visiting this location in Miami, there are no distinct seasons. So enjoy your beautiful time, whether there is an unusual mosquito invasion or whether it is the day before a cyclone hits.

    Apart from hosting the most lavish Miami pool parties, the hotel only serves delicious food on Sundays and does not have a restaurant. In addition to serving a diverse selection of world-class cocktails, Broken Shaker also serves a tantalizing cuisine of grilled chicken and grills to its party guests.

    So naturally, locals in Miami flock to local restaurants on Sundays when they are open for business. However, as has been remarked, the elite chefs only put on their best culinary display on this specific day of the week.

    This upscale hostel gained notoriety on South Beach mainly because of its fun and unique Miami pool parties. The décor and atmosphere are different from what you’ll find at most 5-star Miami hotels, but the cocktails are among the best you’ll find in Miami Beach, and the best live DJs in South Florida fuel the pool parties in South Beach.

    Address: 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    1 Hotel South Beach

    Sugary drinks and water fun aren’t only the distinctive themes of new pool parties. 1 hotel hosts the best pool parties in South Beach, continuing the tradition of getting Vitamin D from the sun. In comparison, you breathe fresh air from the ocean and bring a visual delight from the breathtaking environment that surrounds you.

    You’re not going to find another rooftop pool party like the one at 1 Hotel South Beach. Most pools in the South Ocean are on the ground level, so you enjoy a good time and have incredible views of the beach from 18 floors above the ground. On weekends, people come, hire a cabana, and camp out for the better part of the day.

    However, since it is an adults-only establishment, you will not be subjected to screaming children. It is not the first-pumping setting you would expect, but rather a DJ playing calm sounds. It’s relaxed, with just the correct number of individuals in attendance. In addition, it’s one of the most popular hangouts in town; thus, staying at the hotel (which we recommend) or booking a table or VIP cabanas are the only ways to get entry.

    Address: 2341 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Raleigh Hotel

    The Raleigh Hotel’s Sunday SPF Pool and Beach Party, which features VIP programming, morning yoga sessions, rooftop brunch service, and specifically themed art installations, takes place on one of the hotel’s most renowned Art Deco pool decks. Join event director Stephan Morris for a #SundayFunday in the spirit of Ibiza, complete with specialty drinks, live performers, and some of the city’s best DJs. A secluded paradise, exclusive cabanas, a pool and beachside daybeds, and lots of gorgeous individuals can be found on the site. Sundays at SPF begin at 11 a.m. and end at 11 p.m.

    Even if you don’t step foot in the water at the Raleigh Hotel, the two-tiered pool is one of the most iconic on South Beach to look at. The pool itself is shaped like a 1940’s era crest and sits adjacent to a vintage, old-school diving board. The pool area is spacious, with an array of luscious palm trees around the perimeter, providing shade and places to sit and relax. So if you want to go to pool parties in a breathtakingly beautiful location, the Raleigh Hotel is the place to go.

    Address: 1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    HIGHBAR Pool + Bar + Sky

    Located at the Dream Hotel on South Beach, Highbar is one of the best hotel pools in Miami. It’s located on the hotel’s roof, meaning there are spectacular views of the ocean and the rest of South Beach. Highbar has also gained a reputation for being a place for some memorable Miami pool parties over the years, so you never know when to be part of one. The pool itself is excellent, and its decorations are second to none.

    Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax or a party atmosphere, Highbar has got it. The best part is there is no cover charge or reservations for the general public, so everyone is free to come to check it out.

    Address: 1111 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Surfcomber Hotel

    The Surfcomber Hotel pool may be ground zero for the South Beach pool party scene. Of course, there are certain times when the pool parties in Miami get out of control, but any day of the week, there’s a good chance there’ll be something special happening. The Surfcomber Hotel pool has everything necessary for memorable pool parties between the cabanas and the ocean-adjacent pool area.

    Birds of paradise, pink hibiscus, and night-blooming jasmine are among the lush landscaping. They were designed to take you from the lobby’s sensory experience to another – a pool surrounded by palm trees and the ocean.

    Daylife, a tiny piece of paradise with food and drink service provided by the Lantao Sand Bar, is located at the Surfcomber Hotel South Beach. The Lantao kitchen, which opens at 11 a.m. every day, is inspired by Southeast Asian street dishes. Chef Freddy Ortiz and his team provide appetizers, salads, noodle bowls, and meals transporting diners to the Orient. Each Surfcomber guest’s day in the sun becomes a tropical experience with their specialty drinks, signature cocktails, and tapas-style nibbles. This informal food, which is served outside until 4 p.m., will make your splashy party or intimate private cabana rendezvous exciting and tasty.

    Address: 1717 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Hyde Beach

    Located at the SLS Hotel, Hyde Beach offers one of the most unique and innovative pools on South Beach. For starters, there is a 10-foot-tall and 700-pound silver duck statue, which is the perfect complement to two pools designed to resemble a bathtub. It’s a fantastic design, and for some reason, it helps create an incredible party atmosphere at Hyde Beach because there are plenty of people who keep coming back, knowing it’s one of the best party hot spots on South Beach.

    The whole SLS Hotel network was designed with partygoers in mind. Depending on the locale, the hotel chain has vibrant party restaurants, chaotic bars, and packed pool scenes. They didn’t hold back at SLS South Beach, which is essentially the top of the crop. Thanks to famed designer Philippe Starck’s 10-foot rubber duckie, it’s a visual feast with a different fun mood. The setting is noisy, crowded, and debaucherous, with a mix of socialites, models, and celebrities. It’s become the Vegas of pool party scenes here, running day and night.

    Address: 1701 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Miami should undoubtedly be on everyone’s must-visit list if they want to experience the city’s nightlife and participate in beach pool activities. People don’t come to visit Miami, have a good time seeing the city’s highlights, and then go. Everyone who visits always manages to get a place to stay like Miami vacation rentals to partake in the city’s famous pool parties in Miami. However, Miamians have a soft spot for beach amusements at all times. They provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Miami’s pool parties.