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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to spend some time vacationing in Miami Beach? There is so much to do there and Miami has become a haven for the rich and famous as well as anyone who wants to live the luxurious lifestyle. For those who are a little more reserved, the daytime activities may be a bit more to your liking. Whether you are looking for the fast-paced nightlife or checking out museums, beaches or parks, why not consider penthouse rentals in Miami? This is a great way to spend some quality time, a month or even the entire summer in the warmth that Miami has to offer?

Think of how envious your friends will be when you tell them you have your own little place on the beach? There are many penthouse rentals Miami Beach in a wide array of floor plans and price ranges. You can find them directly on the beach or within walking distance to make getting to the beach for some sun or checking out the sites convenient and easy. Just imagine the money you can save on taxis or rental cars because everything is right there and within walking distance.

The Miami Beach nightlife is also a great draw for this area and many of the younger generation head there for not only the sunbathing opportunities but also for the wide range of bars and nightclubs. There are many great four and five start restaurants where you can find a gourmet meal before heading out to dance the night away. If the nightlife does not interest you, you can sit on the balcony of your penthouse and just enjoy the views of the moon hanging brightly over the dark ocean water. Grab a glass of wine and someone you love and enjoy the soft breezes and twinkling stars in the perfect romantic setting.

Penthouse vacation rentals Miami Beach

If Miami Beach is just not ritzy enough, try the posh lifestyle of South Beach instead. The nightlife is just as exciting, if not more so and there are high-end shops for daily shopping trips. There are also penthouse rentals South Beach so you can also have those romantic times. For those who are looking to party, renting a penthouse with your friends is a great way to go. You can have a few drinks and listen to some music to warm up for the night on your balcony surrounded by your friends. Get creative and make dinner in the penthouse kitchen so you don’t have to stop for food before the partying starts.

Whether you enjoy South or Miami Beach, you can find a penthouse rental in your price range. Just about everything is within walking distance and there are plenty of activities and spas to visit during the day. In the night, enjoy both beaches’ nightlife or have a romantic evening with a loved one by staying home and watching the lights play over the water. No matter which is your option, Miami is definitely the place to be any time of year!