Next time you find yourself looking for ideal vacations, make sure you choose Miami. Miami will give you everything you can ever want. Be it delicious food, beautiful beaches, or just a breathtaking view of the ocean from your room at the W Hotel in Miami. Just be sure to save as much as possible before you head down south because we all know that anyone would want to live luxuriously when on vacation. Everyone knows that a vacation cannot go by without properly planning for it. However, for Miami, you need to go a step further than just simply planning. Miami is considered the most crowded tourist spot throughout the year, irrespective of what the season is.

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Miami is truly the city that never sleeps, with something always going on in all corners. One of the most important things that one needs to think over, especially if you are planning on going to Miami for a vacation, is your accommodation. It is essential that you book your hotel in advance. One option you have is the prestigious and well renowned, W Hotel South Beach. If you do choose to stay here, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. The W Hotel South Beach will definitely run up the bill, with their cheapest room being about $500, but your money will not be wasted and neither will you have any regrets. Staying at the W Hotel in Miami will exceed all your expectations and surpass any experiences in hotels as soon as you check-in into the hotel. They staff will make you feel welcomed and make sure that they take care of you as if you are royalty.

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During your stay in your W Hotel penthouse in Miami, you will be greeted you with a smile and warm welcome, no matter how many times you walk through the door. They will come up to all your needs and show you maximum appreciation, and even call you occasionally to make sure you have everything you need, and you are as comfortable as possible. The W Hotel South Beach provides facilities that are not comparable to any other. The smallest room they have is larger than the rooms you will find at any ordinary hotel. Most of their rooms have balconies with a view of the beach and ocean. The rooms are as clean as a whistle, and housekeeping is amazing by keeping everything clean and organized. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen LCD TV, a minibar and a refrigerator. They even have iPods with speakers for their guests and a bathroom, almost larger than their lounge area.

There is a bar in the pool area. The pool area is converted into a nightclub during sunset. It consists of two full-sized pools, great for sipping and relaxing in the pool. The spa offers complete services as well as a health and fitness center for workout and massage treatments. You can also make a visit to the media and music library when you do not feel like doing anything. The W Hotel South Beach offers you everything you can possibly think of, all inside its walls. It is probably the best place you can stay, if you really want to enjoy your vacation that is.

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